Mar 04 2017

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Donald Trump’s Daisies

donald trump daisies 2017

Donald Trump hiding behind his Tweets is not the Donald Trump Americans voted for. The fighter and hard hitting campaigner and revolutionary, has either lost his fighting strength or prefers to grow flowers, in a red tie.  No one but Pussycrats are happy about Trump’s weak reaction to the attack against Jeff Sessions, and Americans are beginning to question Trump’s ability to fight back effectively against the Democrat assault. Either he fires everyone he suspects as a leaker and traitor , and begins the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, or he will continue to  sink in the quick sand of Globalism and ,Democrat Party Treason.

I can not support Donald Trump unless he comes out fighting and gives up his tweets for real punches and legal indictments.   His obsession with tweeting has become a national joke, and is only creating national concern for his impulsiveness.  He has the entire U.S military and law enforcement power of the Federal Government to enforce Federal Laws. He has the right to defund all sanctuary cities and states and to deport all illegal aliens. If he doesn’t understand that by now , he might as well resign and hand the keys over to Pence. Pence being former military and a tough Governor may have the smarts and courage it takes to do serious damage to the traitors inside and outside the government. If Obama is at the core of Trump’s problems in the White House and around the world, then he should arrest Obama, Hillary and Holder, and send them to Guantanamo with their other terrorist homies.

If Donald Trump does not act now, and order a full scale legal and political attack against his enemies, he will be a politically paralyzed president.  I haven’t given up on him, but if he allows himself to continually be beaten up and bullied by pathetic Pussycrats, then there is no hope for him or his administration, against greater enemies of his and the American people outside the government.  A Presidential Crack Down on his political enemies, is what all who voted for him are waiting for. Let The Lion Loose ! Let him go for the jugular! Let him Drain the Swamp.” There is no more time to plant daisies Mr. Trump; unless you plan to plant them on your short political career.

L.A. Steel

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