Feb 24 2017

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I watched Donald Trump’s speech this morning and was amused by him as I usually am during his live speeches.  No matter what anyone says about him, he does get his message across, for example when he says ,”We want them the hell out of here!” Trump was in his element at CPAC, these were the Americans who love him. He is their vision of a President who will restore prosperity and hope for the “Forgotten American”.

Onward and upward Mr. Trump. Don’t let the petty minds and illegal masses attack and destroy the vision. The men and women in the CPAC audience were energized and nervous when you spoke. Unlike the last speech you gave in Florida in an aircraft hanger, with people who voted for you, CPAC audience were the base of activist voters who got you elected. They cheered Trump as he walked off stage, with his thumb up salute and hand sign that he is OK, and going back to Washington D.C to get to work for the American People. He has a lot on his agenda, but he won’t stop until he gets it done.

As I study and write about the 45th President of the United States , I must state that I and millions of other Americans admire his courage and fight.  Over 13,000 Marines have asked for transfers to D.C since Donald Trump was elected. All previous D.C Presidential Marine guard were assigned to Washington, none volunteered. I wonder if the Marines were alerted to the defense of Donald Trump from a possible coup.  The Democrats and Globalists have not given up their attacks on Trump, and will not until their queen bee Hillary Clinton is indicted and tried.  Trump tried to calm down his CPAC audience when they shouted “LOCK HER UP!”  One of his biggest campaign promises that all “Deplorables” believed , including me, was that Trump, if elected, would LOCK HER UP!”  All Trump supporters are waiting for the announcement by the Dept. of Justice, that Hillary Clinton et al, are arrested and being held  without bail , because they pose a flight risk..

We must be patient, to see what Trump will do . His battle against the Media has become an obsession of both sides. The more Trump attacks them, the more they attack Trump, without proof of sources, and Trump must read and hear the fake news and Hollywood Celebrities howling insults at him and his supporters. I believe what he is doing may create (honest) Press and Network News outlets. Now that the American people have been made aware of who their “greatest enemy” is, we will be far more careful before we trust what they say. Mika Brezinski co host with Morning Joe was quoted stating recently, that Donald Trump had no right to tell them what to say or think. “It’s our job to tell them what to think.”  It’s time the American people think for themselves, and Turnoff show hosts who try to dictate and program your thoughts.

Good Luck CPAC I hope nothing else blows up in your faces like Milo did or Trump might.

L.A. Steel



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