Nov 14 2016

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sized demon


Few times in my life have I witnessed such a national display of racist hatred toward White Americans. THE ELITIST PROGRESSIVE IDIOTS OF AMERICA PARTY, formally known as the Democrat Party, are currently on national display, showing off their stupidity and insanity to the world.  Brain Dead Boomers and their Progressive Millennial and Generation X offspring are crying and praying for a savior to come and destroy the nasty White Americans , American values, security, and the entire American society. Mr, Mrs. and Ms. White American, decided this presidential election, and will ultimately decide what happens to all the Hillary Hordes and Hillary.

We elected Donald J.Trump President of the United States, because he promised to ARREST CROOKED HILLARY, DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS., AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. No patriotic and true American will accept the racist lies and disgusting filth spewed against our elected leader, by these  ANTI AMERICAN PROTESTERS PAID FOR BY GEORGE SOROS AND OTHER HILLARY CLINTON MEGA DONORS, WHO ARE THREATENING THE SAFETY AND FOUNDATION OF OUR COUNTRY.

Americans must demand that George Soros and all the Mega Hillary Donors should be arrested and tried for treason, against the American People for paying and promoting violent protests against Donald Trump and his supporters. This is a war against our freedom, against us. Illegal immigrants have no Constitutional Rights, George Soros is Hillary Clinton’s biggest individual donor giving her $13 million dollars in 2016 and he is also the uncle of Chelsea Clinton’s husband.  Americans must demand that our law enforcement LOCK THEM ALL UP ! And lock up all the paid protesters and vandals , deport them, and never allow them back.

The hatred of the Hillary hordes has become intolerable to the rest of Americans, with calls for the assassination of Donald Trump and the rape of his wife and murder of his family. How hateful and insane the Hillary Hordes are. If they want to provoke a civil war, I guaranty they will lose within a week. Trump supporters and defenders own guns and will use them in assault and self defense, Hillary hordes don’t believe in guns and  only have their pens and voices and I phones , ugly selfies, and Youtube rants.   The slutty singer and Blow Job Artist Madonna publicly announced at her concerts she would give Blow Jobs to all men Hillary voters, who are demanding that she perform the service she promised.

I am asking Barack Obama to demand these Hillary Hordes of Hate, protests stop. He and Hillary would rather see it escalate and allow the country to fall into civil war.  If this is their plan, then Donald Trump and Congress should demand they be arrested for treason,  inciting riots and threatening his life and those of his family. Americans and Donald Trump can not afford to ignore the Hurricane of Hillary Hate blowing against us. We must take a stand and openly voice our support for Donald Trump, but also make him listen to our demand that he stand up to these hordes of hatred and do what he promised he would do. Americans who elected him are ready to stand up with him to rid this country of all criminal aliens and Hillary hordes who are determined to destroy America.


L.A. Steel








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