Nov 04 2016

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Don’t Pay Attention To Any Main Stream Media Political Polls or Articles They are Completely Bogus

Any polling data coming from the following Main Stream Media outlets is completely bogus. Every one of these outlets have declared their loyalty to Hillary. Their CEOs and their reporters have openly declared their support for Hillary Clinton. Every nasty ad, every lying remark, every word spoken by these and other news outlets are verbal vomit.

CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Politico,Huffington Post, Quinapeac College, Salon.com, Rolling Stone, New York Post, NPR and PBS. Even CSPAN is showing Hillary bias.  Yesterday immediately after Melenia Trump’s speech, which was a very good speech, CSPAN played one of the worst anti Trump ads, and (to be fair) played a few state and local Republican ads.with no mention of Hillary.

CSPAN is Hillary Biased especially if you consider how many Democratic think tank CEOs and pro Hillary university professors all giving credit to Clinton without mention of all the scandals. There is very little pro Republican, Pro Trump views on CSPAN other than his speeches.    This election cycle of 2016 has been the worst year I have ever witnessed for Media Bias against a presidential candidate. The MSM has lost all credibility in this election and will never regain the respect of the American people. Donald Trump is at war with the media, and all of his supporters should be as well.  The Hillary Machine is as corrupt as the old Bush Machine ever was. It is now time to “Drain the Swamp” of the corrupt government and corrupt media.





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