Aug 31 2016

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This might be the most unanticipated diplomatic welcome by a foreign government to a potential U.S President. If Donald Trump pulls this off without causing more anger and trepidation by the Mexican government he might be able to prove to Americans that he can do it. Also that what ever else he proposes in his campaign promises could very possibly be realized.  The Key to a Trump victory in November is for him to clearly lay out a plan of action for his immigration policy and continue to undermine Hillary’s appeal, with his powerful attacks against her criminal character and her incompetence as a senator and as Secretary of State. These are far more effective than the Hillary Media attacks against Trump.

No one with any understanding of the Network Media in the U.S, takes anything they say as truth. Americans for the most part know the Media lies to them and sensationalizes everything they bring to public attention. Their news “stories” are as fake as the push up bras and bulge hiding undergarments, and painted on faces worn by their lipsticked  news anchors and same smiley emo con  entertainment correspondents.  Donald Trump has taken the lead in every area of his presidential campaign, while Hillary continues to dodge the press while collecting money for favors from her mega wealthy donors. Donald Trump has visited Louisiana, done dozens of major rallies, and now meeting with the President of Mexico today prior to his giving his major foreign policy speech tonight.  No one can deny his surgical timing.  No one can deny his incredible drive and determination. If Bernie Sanders had even half of Trump’s drive and determination to win, Hillary would have been defeated and indicted.

All the latest attacks against Donald Trump are coming from his  nemeses the Washington Post and the Hillary Media, and the Clinton News Network CNN. No one believes them anymore. No one believes their phony poll numbers, and no one takes anyone in the News Media seriously.  They have been proven time and time again that all they promote are government propaganda, pharmaceuticals, fast food , and celebrity gossip.  Unfortunately Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, just as so many of us are.  What makes Trump so interesting as a presidential candidate, is his insulting humor, anger, and quick comebacks.  Trump supporters have said that he speaks to them and says things the way they like to hear them said.  Trump doesn’t hide who or what he is. Trump is Trump. Like it or leave it. I haven’t laughed as much at any presidential candidate in my lifetime as I have at Donald Trump. His upset of the entire U.S political two party system, has revolutionized American and World politics. His stand against globalism, and his demand to “Make America Great Again” has sparked the revolutionary spirit into a flame for all Americans regardless of their race or ethnicity. Hillary and her Democrat Machine know Donald Trump can destroy them, if he stays on message, gains victory in Mexico and in the U.S with  coherent and plausible Foreign and Domestic Policies.


L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016








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