Jul 24 2016

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Donald Trump gave the speech of his life Thursday night. It wasn’t an enlightening speech , but it was a thought provoking one.  I agree with the RNC convention sentiments that Hillary Clinton and all of her Democrat Delegates and Super Delegates should be arrested for election fraud, and complete lack of integrity. But instead Hillary continues to ride the backs of Democrat Idiots who bow before her as their Satanic Queen.  The acceptance of Hillary as the Democrat Nominee will go down in history as the end of the Democrat Party, and proves to the world that America has lost all moral decency and standing in the world. As an Independent Liberal, who has condemned Hillary and continues to condemn her and the Democrat Party, I completely pull away from any and all candidates, political parties and people so shallow, they grovel in the dirt of their demented Democratic delusions.

Democrats on the Rules Committee shot down by 108 -56 the amendment to do away with Super Delegates, to make the Democrat Party democratic. That did not happen because all Super Delegates are Hillary friends and paid off cronies, donors and demons from the darkest depths of human consciousness.  As an American I honestly fear another Clinton presidency, and am physically disgusted at the thought of Hillary Clinton being the Democrat Nominee. I had little respect for Barack Obama, within days after his 2008 acceptance speech. I realized the first Black President was and is as corrupt as any White President ever was . Only Hillary Clinton could be more corrupt and incompetent than Barack Obama.  A Clinton presidency would be the most corrupt presidency in American history.  Clinton’s Vice Presidential pick was a no one, from no where, who no body knows. An early supporter of Hillary and true blue Hillary Lover, which means he has absolutely no integrity. When I see the Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy , who is currently under investigation for election finance fraud, and Senator Richard Blumenthal , who lied though out his career as Atty General and Senator that he served in combat in Vietnam, I realize any endorsement from these frauds is worthless.  Kaine is no political prize for anyone. Hillary chose him because he kissed her feet and ass, and can never overshadow her.

Trump’s picking Pense was the only thing he could do to contain the right wing of the Republican Party to vote for Trump. The only problem with both of these VP picks is, God Forbid, Hillary or Trump or both are assassinated,  or indicted while in office, the country is left with who ever is VP at the time. Pense or Kaine would be a disaster for America. Those are the choices. Two mega maniacs as presidential candidates and two minor VP choices.  It’s a  nowhere election, for a lost country.  The Republican and Democrat Parties and all of  their Presidenial, Congressional and Senatorial candidates are frauds and fools, bought and sold by banks, corporations, individual billionaire donors, and foreign countries.


L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016










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