Jun 30 2016

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I'm thinking 2015

Americans have been confronted with insanity during this election cycle, so prominently displayed in the Republican and Democrat Debates by  every potential presidential candidate. We have been assaulted by every presidential hopeful,including myself, to try to raise attention to the massive problems facing our country and the visions and visionaries placed for selection before this nation.  Which way do we want to go? Who do we want to follow, or do we want to follow anyone? I believe I see the greater vision of this nation, just as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, however Hillary Clinton is not a visionary she is a retreaded tire. Her vision is one of letting the world run over us, as long as she and the Clinton Foundation are fat and well fed. She has no vision for America, and absolutely no vision for anyone except herself.

It appears Bernie is on siesta until July, with the exception of a few speeches before the Convention.  Everyone says he’s endorsing Hillary and then the Sanders Campaign denounces the rumor the following day. Then Bernie announces his support for Hillary again and again on consecutive national interviews, and again his campaign said he “miss spoke”. I hope Bernie hasn’t sold out yet, he still has a CONTRIBUTE button on all of his emails.  Sorry Bernie , it’s beginning to look like a scam. No one wants to give money to you once you said your “supporting Hillary”.  Hillary trolls have already shut you out of the Platform Committee by not accepting input from your delegation. And you seem to be getting cozy with Hillary. I called Bernie Sanders another Howard Dean, and Judas Goat, leading the radical left back to the Democrat Party, then endorsing Hillary, the worst possible , most corrupt , presidential candidate in the history of America. Sorry Bernie unless you come clean and tell us what you’re doing, you won’t make it to the Convention, without all of your supporters abandoning you, and few if any will support Hillary, while millions may vote Donald Trump.

I have always been in favor of the demolition of the Two Party System, that has ruled Americans in tyranny for almost one hundred years.  It is foolish for any American to believe that their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren must continue to live under this tyranny of two party incompetence and corruption.  Hillary has the same vision of the nineties her husband had, which drove this country to the brink of collapse, with his treasonous trade treaties that destroyed the manufacturing sector of the U.S economy and caused massive unemployment, and misery for millions of Americans.

The vision of America must be far reaching so it will embrace not only the present but will protect and defend and inspire new generations to make it better, and better until we become a truly enlightened nation. Hard decisions  must be made but directed to the vision of America as the greatest, most advanced nation in the history of the world . This can only be achieved by the responsible guidance of a visionary leader, who enhances the minds and hearts of Americans to reach out as high and as far a we can to the perfection of ourselves, our communities and our nation. If we can reach so far, then we can reach across oceans, and galaxies, until we reach the perfection of humanity.  This would encompass every aspect of our third and fourth dimensional existences. where by every perfect thought we create in our 4th dimensional consciousness, becomes manifested in our third dimensional consciousness. The ascension of humanity is all we can ever hope for as human beings. It is the vision of every great prophet, who has ascended, and made a record of their  messages kept in the minds of their followers, and expressed in their religions and philosophies. This is the work of Leaders and Followers, who create together a force greater than themselves, and strive towards a Utopian vision, or toward a vision of world chaos, terror and destruction. This is the vision Hillary Clinton sees and where she is leading the Democrat Party, and all gullible Hillary following Americans into.

L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016







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