May 12 2016

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no more wire coat hangers

Mommy Dearest Hillary is about to launch a 35,000,000 dollar ad campaign to target Millennial voters. Her MKULTRA, thirty something,  campaign manager  stated that Hillary’s Super Pac is about to hand out  SuperPac Slurpies and Ice Cream cones to every 18-45 year old in America who attends her rallies. And any . Millennials who are willing to hold up Hillary signs behind her at the podium during her speeches, will get gift certificates to Starbucks. They also will receive a personally signed, ” Hillary for President”  cloth tote bag made exclusively in Haitian sweatshops .

Hillary’s Hypocrisy has no limit.   She and her mindless campaign managers honestly believe that the Millennial Generation, 90% who support Bernie Sanders, could possibly be lured into the Hillary Day Care Camp for Elderly Alzheimer’s patients, sponsored by Hillary’s Super Pac. The only requirement for Hillary’s Elderly Day Care Camp enrollment is to be, over 50, can identify the name HILLARY CLINTON on a voting ballot, and fill in the space or circle next to the name, with pencil or pen. This will be taught to the day camp attendees by specially trained Hillary for President Volunteers.

If any male or female under the age of 50 is persuaded  to vote for Hillary Clinton, they are traitors to their generation and future generations. The over 50 voter is old enough to make up their own minds. However anyone of them who votes for Hillary is suffering from complete political and historical amnesia of the last 30 years, or is suffering from dementia. Millennials are not a stupid, mindless , mass of cloned Democrats. Millennials are the future. If their vision of the future is with HILLARY as their President, I don’t ever want to be a part of that future, and I pity anyone who does.  America under the Clinton Dynasty has collapsed under the weight of their corruption and contempt for the American people. The Clintons have sold their souls for their millions of dollars and power, and sold out our nation to the highest bidders. Donald Trump wants to stop the Clinton’s theft and destruction of the United States, and so does Bernie Sanders.

“HILLARY IS HOPELESS”, this is the new political slogan and mantra, that every Millennial must believe, and  repeat it, and shout it out to all of their friends, and families, and everyone, everywhere. Hillary Clinton must not win the nomination, or the presidency. Every Legal and Illegal  voter, who votes for her, condemns themselves, their children and grandchildren, to live in a country of corruption, dictatorship, and anarchy. May every Millennial in America renounce Hillary Clinton, and demand new leadership, new government , and a new vision for America.

L.A. Steel

Independent, Write In, Presidential Candidate 2016






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