May 02 2016

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Anyone who has ever sought the aid of Higher Intelligence has wondered who or what it is they are seeking. I believe it is a great spiritual being that guides us though our lives, and only when we lose that spiritual contact do we fall apart mentally, spiritually and physically.  There is a bond between all three aspects of the Human Being, and what or who we neglect of this trinity brings our unhappiness, illness or ignorance.  So many people suffer from all three. Reports from around the globe prove that life for billions of people is grim, hopeless and oppressed. Revolutions abound in every country whose people are without hope, living in abject poverty and brutal oppression by their governments, and regressive, decadent, societies, that allow these evil entities and collective indifference to prevail.

I seek higher intelligence, when something upsets or angers me. Ceaseless prayer was first understood as the direct path to God, by mystics and prophets . I find peace only when I connect to my inner soul. That part of my spiritual consciousness overrides my emotions and guides my actions through the day, preventing outbreaks of anger or resentment, or depression, and to understand the reasons for them. Ceaseless Prayer is not a mantra to be repeated over and over again. Ceaseless Prayer is the contact we make with our Creator whose spirit is within us. Our problems arise because we forget or are forced to ignore the great source of all peace and knowledge that exists within us.

Today I have duties and activities I must perform, some require greater discipline than others, however when I find an obstacle too overwhelming I search deep into myself for the solution. I am no different than most people. We see examples of that higher intelligence guiding Creation, to overcome catastrophes or physical, and mental disabilities, illnesses or birth defects. Recently a man who suffers from a deforming illness took 20 hours to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon this year. There are billions of inspiring stories proving the strength of the Human Spirit.

I seek my highest spirit every day.  I ask for the highest and best that my mind, spirit and body can give to me, and to the world.  Everyone needs commitment to their highest self, the greater mind of the Universe, that has created all of Creation. Everyone in Creation must honor their gifts from this source of light, peace and higher intelligence.   I admit I am not always successful at doing this, especially when pain, anger and insult seem too egregious to forgive or ignore. I believe that I must always strive to attain a state of peace, regardless what comes against me or annoys me; unless I do this I would be terribly unhappy. I resist my rage, but even Christ got angry. I can’t set any better example of self forgiveness and forgiveness of others, than Christ, and the Creator has also been known to get angry at, and disappointed by humanity.  So I continue my personal journey of self discovery and enlightenment, in full knowledge that it is forgivable to be angry at evil and injustice, and call upon our Higher Intelligence, to defeat and correct these great evils and injustices within ourselves, our governments, and our societies.

L.A. Steel



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