Apr 06 2016

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I was very pleased to see Wisconsin voters are so radically split between Cruz and Bernie supporters.  I was worried that all Wisconsin voters were Republican or Hillary supporters. Wisconsin has the two worst elected officials in the country, Paul Ryan and Scott Walker. How they remain in power is by rigging the vote and gerrymandering the districts. Ryan has one of the worst and poorest districts in the state and yet he’s continually reelected, and now is the Speaker of the House.  There can’t be any Democrats in his district and the poor white people of his district must enjoy being deprived, neglected and beat up by their governor and congressmen.  Eating too much cheese is known to constipate people. In Wisconsin everyone in Ryan’s district and the majority of voters in the state appear to be constipated enough, that their minds are seriously effected with toxins and they became Republicans.

I stopped buying Wisconsin cheese ever since Walker and Ryan came into power, demolished public unions and became head of the idiot Republicans in Congress, and Vice Presidential candidate with Mitt Romney. It all proves that Koch money has bought off the Republican party especially in Wisconsin. I am glad to say that their were enough intelligent liberals who voted for Bernie, and saw the great fraud Hillary is.

Trump threw up on himself last week, by sucking up to AIPAC and being completely stupid in response to the abortion question. He never should have spoken at AIPAC or interviewed with Chris Mathews. Mathews was drooling to get something on Trump. He’s still a lousy host of a lousy show, with the worst ratings on television,but he got his 15 minute boost of fame and gave Hillary, who he openly supports, something to attack Trump on.

Hillary is amoral  and a complete scofflaw. She would be the most devious and dangerous president in history if she were elected.  Her hypocrisy knows no limit, just as her flaming fart of a husband, has no limit to the fraud, philandering  and corruption he indulges in. 147 FBI agents are completing their investigation into Hillary’s emails and her selling State Dept. influence to Clinton Foundation donors.  Also the mishandling of highly classified information on a private unprotected server in her house. How can anyone in their right mind including everyone in the Democratic National Committee, consider Hillary for any kind of responsible government position if she is so blatantly stupid, to talk and text messages unprotected and unencrypted on the highest security levels of the U.S Government equal to the President? What does that say about the security of all Government secrets under the Obama Administration, he should be indicted for treason too.  She is a traitor and a complete criminal. How can she be allowed by the FBI or any law enforcement agency to run for President, and continue to the Convention without an indictment ?  Pressure is now being applied to the Atty.General to recuse herself and appoint a special prosecutor to charge Hillary Clinton for corruption and treason.  How can anyone with a functioning brain support Hillary Clinton for anything, except life in prison with her husband Bill ?

Trump, Cruz, Hillary and Bernie are the main streamers now. If Trump doesn’t do anything stupid again he might still win the nomination, but the Republican Party believes they have a chance beating their own front running candidate, with proven losers like Cruz and Kasich.  I believe the entire election process was originally fixed for Hillary, but thank God that enough smart Americans are seeing the light of reason. Trump may have been a fluke and so was Bernie but the American People on both sides no longer trust or support the two party establishment system which is corrupt and incompetent. It’s time for a major change in America and a major change in our Congress and White House and Supreme Court. Bernie is right when he states “This is an American Revolution.” It is and I hope the right leader will soon emerge to lead America into a new era of prosperity, compassion and concern for all hurting Americans. The Republican party has no such concern, and the Democrats with Hillary show no respect for the intelligence of the majority of American voters. They may be right in their assumption of voter intelligence, however I believe most Americans have woken up to the alarm of this insane election and will vote for their true best interests, and those are not represented by either existing political party.


L.A. Steel

Independent, Write In, Presidential Candidate 2016





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