Feb 22 2016

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The Bush Dynasty is finally dead. After spending 150 million dollars on his doomed campaign Jeb Bush was unable to spend his way to the Republican nomination,and dropped out of the Presidential race in shame, in front of his mother and booze brained brother. There is justice and karma, the Bush family is finally out of power and reduced to a historical footnote as two disastrous administrations. Unfortunately the great deliverer of Karmic justice appeared very late ,to administer justice against the Bush Family, for the hundreds of  millions of people around the world who suffered and died, by the delay.  The Bush Family has caused the destruction of civilizations and the deaths of  millions of people, and the collapse of the U.S economy, by the trillions of dollars in bailouts to Bush Family Friends in the U.S and around the world.

Now that the great God of Karmic Justice is back in the U.S and paying attention to the presidential elections, hopefully he can be persuaded to throw a lightning bolt at the Hillary Campaign and turn her into a burnt blob of Democratic goo.  I’ve seen karma work quickly , but I have also wondered why some people never seem to suffer from its consequences. I came to realize after years of research and wondering that, the longer these people can put off their karmic justice , the longer their cursed spirits will suffer in some eternal damnation designed by the great Creator. Their fear of death must be so extreme, that like G.H.W Bush and Henry Kissinger, they are both wheel chair bound, in their 90s, their bodies decrepit, and they are living just long enough to see the seething hatred of the American people, and people around the world against them, and that they are wanted as war criminals.  To know that they are cursed daily by billions of people, who have suffered by their decisions made for greed, power and psychotic desire to murder millions , must be more miserable than any death imaginable. To die in their spirits, and their lives and families be damned though out  history, cursed and scorned for eternity, must be an unimaginable, horrid, death.

Neil Young stated, “It is better to burnout than fade away.”

I say, the Bush Family and their admirers are finally fading away forever.  All people around the world can now breathe a collective sigh of relief, and know that Karma is real, the Bush Dynasty is dead.

L.A. Steel














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