Jun 27 2008

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$2300.00 and a kiss on the cheek got Barack Obama off cheap. No one is saying anything yet about Hillary as Obama’s VP choice, and it’s likely she won’t be. It’s better they kiss and make up now , than duke it out at the convention. If Hillary’s army of mad middle aged women supporters physically attack Obama at the convention podium, she might get the VP spot. I wouldn’t rule out that possibility.

There is an Obama trade off with Hillary somewhere. Bail out Hillary and she’ll call off her army of mad women, or make her VP and she’ll take off running . One thing Obama can be sure of in Hillary is; that she is a true political war horse. She’s always ready for battle. I think she would be fun to watch on the campaign trail with Obama. I also think she would enjoy it, and her supporters would have a chance to mingle with her again. It’s smart to put her on the campaign trail , but not smart to push her out of the VP position. Without a big payoff, I would think Hillary would just want to call it quits, lick her wounds, and keep her senate seat. The Bill and Barack feud makes things a little messy, but everyone in the country except the media have written Bill off as checked baggage, and not carry on. As VP Hillary would be flying light and Bill’s ego and influence would be safely packed away in the VP baggage hole.

McCain just came out with a James Bond anti Obama campaign ad. It’s got to be one of the most stupid campaign ads I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t imagine who Mad Man McCain will pick for his running mate, but after seeing that ad, I think everyone but Sean Connery would turn McCain down. McCain’s campaign has got LOOSER written all over it. I’m waiting to see a series of John “Bond” McCain ads now, with John “Bond” McCain in a tuxedo aiming his pistol at the camera and firing , with the “Thunder Bolt” theme song playing in the background. I advise everyyone to tape or download a copy of these ads for posterity as( histerical) presidential campaign memorabilia. Mad Man, John “Bond” McCain ads will become true collectors items, as the worst campaign ads in history.

It will be interesting, if nothing else, to see what happens in the next few months with both the Obama and McCain campaigns. I am anxious to see if McCain starts talking with a British accent, and if Obama starts wearing eye liner and pant suits.


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