Dec 02 2015

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Camp Casey Fallen Soldiers'Boot Memorial   ” Boots on the Ground” is the most over used , idiotic cliche in the English language. The idiots in the American military and in the White House have done it again. They have put our military men and women into harms way over another insane invasion into the Middle East. Syria is not, nor ever has been a threat to the U.S or it’s neighbors, until the U.S and it’s imperialistic NATO alliances have again created another refugee crisis, and the destruction of another Arabian country.


Early during the American invasion of Iraq, Syria was overwhelmed by over 3 million Iraqis refugees, created by the U.S invasion. Most of the refugees were Sunnis and former supporters of Saddam Hussein, escaping from American invasion forces, and the destruction of Baghdad. There is no reason for an invasion other than imperialistic colonization of Syria. Russia and Iran are Syria’s only defenders, and Russia has bombed and continues to bomb “all terrorists” fighting against Assad’s regime , regardless if they are NATO backed rebels or ISIS. The NATO nations, must destroy Assad’s regime for some reason not disclosed to the rest of the world, other than “Assad is a bad guy.” Syrians want to return to Syria, they do not dislike Assad, they are being indiscriminately slaughtered by both ISIS and U.S backed Rebel Forces. It appears the only real government in Syria is the Assad Government, and most Syrians would prefer it that way.  Just the same way most Iraqis preferred Saddam Hussein’s government over an U.S invasion and the, death, chaos and anarchy it has brought  to Iraq.


I am sick of the U.S pretending to be the “Savior Policeman” of the Middle East. We have lost trillions of dollars and millions of lives lost and displaced because of our bumbling, idiotic, military leaders, and our brain dead presidents and congressional leadership.    No one benefits from our military involvement in Syria or any other Middle Eastern country, other than the major oil companies, weapons dealers and manufacturers, like the Carlyle Group,made up of all G.H.W Bush’s former cabinet members, and Osama Bin Laden’s brother.   Please inform someone that G.H.W Bush and his entire family and all of is friends are war criminals, and should be hung by the neck until dead. Instead our bobble headed leaders name a navy destroyer after G.H.W. Bush.   I am sick and disgusted by the traitors in our government. Any idiot who believes that sending American Troops into Syria or anywhere in the Middle East, to fight against U.S and NATO supported rebels is completely asinine, and grounds for war crime charges against all U.S and NATO leaders and the military men and women, who voluntarily agree to take the most aggressive actions in this Genocide of the Middle Eastern population. Where are the Conscientious Objectors? Do any still exist in America, or have they been silenced and imprisoned without legal recourse, and considered cowards or conspiracy theorists or “domestic terrorists”?


Because of the severe lack of employment in the U.S our young people must join the military for work. U.S college tuition is too expensive for most middle class students, though our illegal immigrants are allowed welfare and free college tuition, as well as free public schools and living accommodations. It is a sick and sad state for our legal, young people, to be sent into slaughter voluntarily, rather than demanding good jobs that create something and add to the productivity of their country, rather than the destruction of another country, and the theft of their natural resources, and trillions of wasted dollars of the American Taxpayer.


It is time for a serious change in our government and ourselves. To remain passive and stupid is what our criminal leadership want us to be. Let the stupid among us fight foolish foreign wars,and die horrid deaths in battles while killing others, and destroying their countries. This is madness, yet it is what Americans and our European allies have created in their own countries. They are copying the American madness of mass genocide of Middle Eastern and African people, and allowing millions of their illegal and legal immigrants into all of these  brain dead countries, to eventually undermine all of the industrialized nations, to bring down all standards of living, except for the wealthy elite,and the corrupt world politicians who follow their orders.   Managing this world would be easy if people played active parts in their countries decisions, and in their leadership. But the western countries are as useless as any when selecting their leaders.


All candidates for elected and selected offices are predetermined, then paid by corporations and private interests to run for elected office. There are no longer Democracies. They are all dictatorships or oligarchies. America is a fascist nation, regardless what the candidates all say how America is a democracy. We have never been a democracy. We are a Republic, just as Rome was and even Germany under Hitler, touted their free elections without any other leader than Hitler and his crony corporate owners. Sound familiar? It should but to most Americans the “Cyber Sales” and Christmas Shows and singing Christmas Carols are far more important than any other historical or current political or geopolitical event.   So Merry Xmas my American and European readers I hope you are not too overstuffed or drunk with turkey and drinks and other foods of the season. Xmas season is the perfect time during the year for massive News Blackouts, when all in government and the media are on vacation, while new invasions and terrorist attacks and any news of any value is censored and replaced by a commercial bombardment of television networks, of the latest sales at Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart. Also Americans must be awed and lulled, into unconsciousness by the cuteness of endless streams of television networks’ news pictures, of cute American children and their pets dressed up for the holidays, instead of pictures of 1 in 4 American children and parents who live in poverty without pets. Americans rationalize their own indifference to the suffering of other Americans and people around the world during the holiday season, by giving a one dollar donation to TOYS FOR TOTS, LOCAL FOOD BANKS, or THE SALVATION ARMY.


L.A. Steel

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