Sep 10 2008

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As a middleclass , working class, white guy, I can speak from experience as to why I don’t like Barack Obama for President and why I can’t stand the thought of John McCain in any elected position. I have worked in many fields in my life. I have known many men and women of different economic classes, and can attest to the fact that stereotypes do exist, but the white working class and middle class male mentality is not as closed minded as the media likes to make us seem.

It’s not that we are not intelligent, and hard working , men of moral integrity, it is just that our world vision is somewhat self centered and our opinions are constructed more on trust, and instinct and traditions, and common sense. We know too well that we will never be told the true facts of an issue by our government or media. Two thirds of the United States working men and women are considered “Blue Collar ” employees. Working class and middle class men and women understand recessions, depressions, unemployment, illegal immigration, high gas prices, and the true cost of war. They understand fully that greed and corruption are the main reasons for there country’s problems. They try to believe in their religions, government, leaders, etc. but they are the first to be deceived by them. We see a man like Barack Obama, and refuse to believe that he is any different than other black American leaders. We do not see Obama as Martin Luther King Jr. We do not see Michelle Obama as Coretta Scott King. We see Obama as a young and cocky upstart with little leadership experience, and enough bullshit to fill a stadium of light and white headed liberals.

The white middle class ,working class man sees his sons and daughters influenced by Black music, Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap, video games, and televison programs promoting sex , drugs and violence. They see dope dealers in their neigborhoods selling drugs to their children and their neighbors’ children. They see the gang violence in the inner cities and surrounding suburbs, where many of the working class live. The White working class man and woman suffers all the social ills of the Black communities and may be friends with black people as neighbors or at work, and hear many of them speak against Barack Obama as an elitist, and being half white.

The White middleclass and working class American is seriously listening to Obama’s rhetoric, because they know if he is elected it will be their sons and daughters who will be fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will be their jobs and paychecks threatened by recession and inflation. The White middleclass man considers John McCain as the white alternative to Obama. We know McCain is unqualified, and we suspect McCain is unbalanced, but he is White, and racially symbolizes 57 percent of the U.S population. He is known in politics for over 25 years. Obama has only been known nationally since 2004 and has done very little in the Senate since then except run for President.

The white middleclass man is the white working class man. Both the red state and blue state middleclass American sees his country going down the tubes and must cling to his guns and knives and religion, to defend himself , his family and his moral values. Obama’s mindless and careless comments and half white liberal elitism turns many white and black men off. Many White and Black American men, do not trust Barack Obama, for good reasons. Neither do we trust John McCain. Our keen survival instincts will eventually force our decision of who will be our next President, and it might surprise everyone that it won’t be Obama or McCain.

I for one will not vote for either candidate. Both are horrible choices and have no clue how to get the country back on track. Both candidates have no desire to straighten out the country. Both want war, both want illegal immigration, both want NAFTA, both want to stay in the U.N. Both want to remain slaves to the Federal Reserve. Both are backed by the same backers, with the exception of Obama’s nickle and dime internet campaign from liberal grandmas and grandpas, who think a Black president would be fun for a change as long as he doesn’t theaten their Social Security and might legalize marijuana.

I’m white, middleclass, working class, poor , pissed off and can’t stand Obama or McCain. I know everything is fixed, and rigged, I know the media is constantly playing with my head, and I know I can’t trust the God Damn Government to fix anything, instead they will screw everything up. I don’t know why my vote seems to mean so much to either candidate, except that it assures the those truly in power, that I’m not considering rebelling and striking and creating a revolution. The one thing Obama and McCain do understand is that the working class and middle classe of the U.S hold all the real power, and if we get pissed off enough to stop working, stop buying , and stop voting, McCain and Obama and all the A-Holes in congress know that their heads will roll, and the true power elite will be exposed and destroyed.


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