Sep 21 2015

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Pope Franny Comes To America

we love you pope franny       Pope Franny is coming to town. All bad Catholics can now be forgiven for abortions and using contraceptives, and can also quickly expedite an annulment. Also Catholic gay marriage can be blessed by a gay priest.  You can be blessed by a pedophile  priest, and make all your sins go away.  I’m sorry for being so cynical about Pope  Franny visiting the U.S, but I can’t help myself. The last pope who came to the U.S was Pope Benny, who resigned a few years ago. He came to the U.S to meet G.W Bush and plead for presidential amnesty for 10,000 American pedophile priests.  Notice since then how the Catholic Church suddenly went out of the news, until over ten thousand molested European Catholics sued the Vatican, and Pope Benny resigned.  Pope Benny was appointed by Saint Johnny Paul to handle the pedophilia problems in the church, and was elected Pope after Saint Johnny Paul died. Pope Benny failed miserably trying to contain the scandals and major lawsuits against the church and resigned, to devote his life to prayer.


Welcome Franny. I guess you’re coming to finish up Benny’s job and to tell all American politicians, to be more world friendly and not so xenophobic, and make sure all the good Catholic politicians are kept in line with the Vatican Agenda of Global Dominance and the New World Order.


What most Catholics and most people in the world don’t realize is that Pope Franny is the first Jesuit Pope. The Jesuit Order was established in 1534 to repel the forces of the Protestant Revolution, to fight for the “divinity and absolute power of the Pope, and keep him in power, at all costs, even to the point of selling their own souls to Satan.  If you don’t believe this please read the Jesuit Oath available in full on Google Search. The Jesuits were the Vatican’s Special Forces, and went to war against all who questioned the authority of the Church and Pope, and created the Inquisition, that tortured and murdered millions of Jews, Muslims, Free Masons, and native peoples around the world. The Jesuits forced all non Catholics by military might, to convert to Catholicism, and stole their lands and gold, especially the Jews , who were the money lenders to the thrones of Europe. Remember The Inquisition began in Spain. Also remember The Conquistadors of Spain, and the Jesuits who sailed with them to conquer new people and countries by force and convert them to Catholicism.


George Washington and all the founding fathers feared the Jesuits, and were hated by the Vatican because they were Protestants, Free Masons and Deists.  All political freedoms and liberties were granted by the Church of Rome and their puppet Kings and Queens on the thrones of Europe.  Abraham Lincoln was threatened with assassination by the Jesuits, because as a lawyer he won a case against them in Illinois, and they tried to kill him on several occasions. Investigations of his assassination found that John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln’s assassin was a Jesuit Agent. Also that the Civil War was in great part due to Jesuit involvement in the American South. Jesuits were expelled from China for undermining the emperor and creating civil unrest. Fidel Castro was taught by Jesuits, also Clinton, Stalin and Hitler were taught by Jesuits.


I can’t say anything good about the Catholic Church. The Vatican bans heterosexual sex by its priesthood and nuns, who must take vows of celibacy. It is apparent that celibacy vows taken by the Catholic clergy do not apply to gay sex or sex with young boys.    The blatant hypocrisy and insane denial of the Catholic Church by its clergy and followers is impossible for me to accept as having anything to do with a Just and Righteous God, and everything to do with mass mind control by an evil , corrupt , global institution.


Pope Franny is hysterically welcomed by Catholic automatons hailing the arrival of their religious leader, who will plead for amnesty of more American pedophile parish priests, and Arch Bishops. Also he will demand from the U.S  President and Congress , that the U.S accept millions more illegal aliens from So. America, as well as a million or so refugees from Syria, who in all likelihood includes thousands of  recruits of ISIS.


L.A. Steel

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