Sep 08 2015

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I ask my readers to please consider this video seriously. The numbers are staggering and the statements the presenter makes are overwhelming. American Immigration policy is destroying this country. The United States can not afford to continue its current immigration policy. We must stop all immigration now or we will be destroyed as a people, culture and nation within the next 35 years.

American children and grandchildren will be destined to live in third world conditions, enslaved for their lifetimes, because their parents and grandparents thought so little about them. American parents  take away their children’s  education, by reducing the level of classroom instruction to accommodate the legal and illegal immigrants, who can neither read or write English or have ever been in a classroom.  

Americans are losing pride in themselves and their nation. We watch nightly news reports about how poor other nations are, or how terrible things are in other countries, but they neglect to inform us that we are last in industrialized countries in education, infrastructure, infant mortality, socialized medicine, and workers rights.  They neglect to tell us that American companies are stealing our middle class jobs by hiring foreign workers to replace American workers at less than half the American workers’ wage. They neglect to tell Americans that over 50 million of their fellow Americans live below the poverty level and that 90 million are currently unemployed. Our government and its news media hand puppets all neglect to tell Americans how poorly we are doing in comparison with other industrialized countries, and continue to allow our suffering, by lowering our standard of living and expectations , and those of all future generations.

L.A. Steel  

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