Aug 04 2015

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DenisO’s Comment on John McCain’s True Military Record


“A chicken in every pot” was a great one, for many years. You sound like a pure Socialist; I’m not sure Bernie Sanders offered as much for votes.
McCain only had no more than 10 combat missions before he got his ass shot down for not staying with his wing leader. He was a screw-up from Day One at the Naval Academy, and never changed. He was not well liked and few would ever speak well of him. I was a Naval Aviator on a different carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin the year before McCain got captured.
For the real story about his Naval Squadron performance, check this:


The real John McCain treachery, killing the chances of POW/MIA’s left behind, is detailed in this long article that was released while he was running for President in 2008:

Here’s a tip: Stay out of politics, Steel.

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I appreciate and have posted your comment and research about McCain’s Military Service.
I wanted to save Trump from drowning in the Republican Media mud, during his first month of campaigning. I also appreciated your advice about staying out of politics. But after watching last night’s Republican Parade of Fools in New Hampshire, I believe I have a great chance of winning as an Independent,( after “Donald” and I have a final debate.)


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