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Jul 18 2013

Talking To Friends

7/18/13 It has been strange lately ever since the Martin Zimmerman verdict came out this week. I haven’t seen such a flurry of activity on my Facebook page since the 2012 elections. The level of emotion is unequaled in my history with social media. From my Friends I must have recieve over 500 posts a …

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Bilderburg Protestor Arrested and Given Forced Vaccination

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Sep 16 2007


LET’S BE REAL 9/16/07 It continues to amaze me how utterly blind most Americans are . There can be a fire burning next to them and they won’t see it. Their is a war going on and they can’t see it. Their son’s or husbands or daughters die for a lost cause, and they refuse …

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May 24 2007


HAVING A BAD DAY ? 5/24/07 I like many Americans and other people around the planet, have seen the chaos and calamity in Iraq on television. It is a nice safe distance away from the war. Riding through the North Western Hills of Connecticut, with the skies clear, except for chemtrails , and the temperature …

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