Jul 18 2013

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Talking To Friends


It has been strange lately ever since the Martin Zimmerman verdict came out this week. I haven’t seen such a flurry of activity on my Facebook page since the 2012 elections. The level of emotion is unequaled in my history with social media. From my Friends I must have recieve over 500 posts a day since the beginning of this week. I read an article that said Sunday the 14th of July was the biggest day of Facebook activity ever and the biggest day of DEFRIENDING and Blocking in the history of FaceBook. All postings on my page spoke about either how to calm down and meditate or Impeach Obama, Love Trayvon, the benefits of Marijuana, the hellish crimes of Monsanto, I love the NRA, don’t riot, I’m a jerk, Main stream media mocks Americans, I’m stupid, fuck Obama, Fuck Eric Holder, Fuck You. It’s been fun to see how wild people are getting over Obama,Zimmerman and Martin and that social media is a way to express themselves non violently. In fact social media is much more effective in many ways for an individual to express himself, and a lot safer. Obama and his mineons are tear gassing and arresting anyone who marches against them. Assault teams are everywhere. It’s a police state folks, but the only thing that keeps the American people from tearing down the White House and Captital building is our right to raise hell on the internet. The fact that everyone knows the NSA and Obama’s thugs are listening to everything we are saying or writing on social media, and in our emails and phone conversations makes it that much more fun to tell Obama and his entire administration and Congress to fuck themselves.

I personally lost a dozen Facebook Friends this week. I either deleted them or they deleted me. I don’t get too excited but I’d rather delete and block someone who calls me names or says something so offensive or stupid it doesn’t deserve a response, other than get into a pissing match with them. Almost everything you say or post is public on Facebook. It is interesting to see how wild and crazy some people can get when you say or post something that makes them mad or makes them think. After a week like this one on social media, I realized a lot of my friends are hotheads. That’s why I like them.

I guess I’ve always liked raising hell to make people think. It is the only way to wake people up out of their UTOPIAN DREAM WORLDS. When millions of people publicly verbally bash and humiliate a sitting or past President and call them out for their crimes and impeachment, it’s got to hurt them a little and make them nervous, especially with the supersonic egos they have. It’s great to curse at and condemn large corporations, that are raping the environment and stealing from everyone around the world. I like to show proof to people of the crimes of our government and the crimes of corporations. It amazes many, and makes those who are doing the crimes very nervous for being exposed. American free speech has never been stronger than it is on social media and the internet, where information and opinions flow constantly. That is why this government and others want to censor it, or already have in other countries.

I enjoy talking to my friends and enemies. My enemies are all those who are trying to hurt me and my friends. My friends are all fighting with me against our mutual enemies. My friends are true warriors. It doesn’t matter what race they are, what country they live in, or what language they speak. My friends are everyone who are oppressed, displaced, assaulted, abused, wrongfully condemned or imprisoned, angry at the nightmare of the world wide system of corruption and starvation, murder, genocide, pollution, deceit, individual and corporate crimimality, and are willing to stand and fight against them with me.

It was great talking to almost everyone this week. Keep fighting and keep writing, keep teaching and learning, keep shouting and verbally punching and clawing. Stay real, stay vigilent, and stay friends.

L.A. Steel

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