Apr 16 2008

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The stench of the Pope’s pedophile apology and hypocritical hand waving to his sexually abused believers, gives a greater stench to Washington D.C ..Since the Bush family moved into the capital , Washington has allured swarms of the most insidious flies to the G.W Bush cesspool of power. It seems only logical that the Pope would be attracted to Washington D.C. to greet G.W Bush personally.

Americans are holding their breath awaiting the Pope to compliment the profusely odoriferous oratory of G.W Bush, as he openly welcomes the Pope to the White House. All Bio Hazard Sensors in Washington D.C have been set to their highest tolerance settings. Special security has been assigned to the Pope, and Hazmat suits have been issued to all Secret Service agents, and distributed to all non Catholic government employees working in the D.C area.

Only former altar boy, network newscasters will be allowed to interview or get within 100 ft of the Pope. Tim Russert and Chris Mathews have volunteered to be the Pope’s candle bearers and altar boys. Chris Matthews has requested a Hazmat suit however, MSNBC and Homeland Security declined his request, due to Tim Russert’s complaint; that Matthews was receiving preferential treatment as a cable news talk show host.. Russert defended his position by stating he and Chris Matthews were immune to the Pope’s poisonous emissions due to their many years of serving as altar boys and pundits, and their duty as good Catholics, and former altar boys, was to walk proudly behind the Pope with candles, to burn off the dangerous,flammable emissions, to protect the Pope’s processional entourage . Matt Lauer and other non Catholic reporters and news crews will be given one hour passes to the Popes welcoming reception at the White House. Hazmat suits have been issued to them as well. The Dept. of Homeland Security has raised it’s warning level to Red Alert in Washington D.C and surrounding suburbs. HLS Chief , Chertoff and the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff have issued a warning to all non Catholic Americans to stay away from Washington D.C or stay indoors, during the Popes visit, as heavy helicopter aresol spraying of Renuzit “Morning Rain”fragrant disinfectant will be sprayed throughout the D.C area during the Poops visit.. President Bush has signed an executive order in conjunction with the Pope”s visit, to ban all Pope protesters in Washington D.C. The decree declares, All Pope protesters will be arrested and subjected to Papal torture reminiscent of the Catholic Inquisition. He has also stated that the Atty General has authorized the legality of severe rendition of Pope protesters, and that all Pope protesters will be sent to the Vatican for severe interrogation. All interrogations of male protesters under the age of 16 will be video taped and distributed to interested parties for a small donation to the RPPF. (Retired Pedophile Priest Fund)


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