Apr 10 2008

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I have been studying The Tarot since January 2008 once I received from the designer , The Sacred Rose Tarot Deck. Johanna Sherman designed this remarkable deck of Tarot cards in 1981 and since then the Sacred Rose Tarot Deck has become a world wide standard for many Tarot readers. I invited Johanna onto my radio show in January of this year to talk about the Tarot , and how she designed her deck, also I asked her if she would do a reading on the air. She agreed to do a reading predicting who would win the U.S Presidency in 2008. She did predict a winner, however I will not say who she predicted, but I will give a clue. Go to my archived internet shows on my BlogTalkRadio host page and look under the January archives; there you can listen to the program and hear her prediction.

Once I received the Tarot deck I began to experiment with the cards. Soon I became astounded by their accuracy of divination. As I progressed in understanding the symbolism and definitions of each card I grew a greater respect and appreciation for the ” magic” within them, or I should say the power within myself to read the cards accurately.

Last week I was invited to appear on an internet radio program entitled The Paranormals. The program host had called into my show and told me he had a psychic and Tarot reader on his program later that same night. I asked him if I might read cards for his guest psychic to see if my reading was accurate or not and if she might validate my accuracy. I was prepared to accept rejection or even ridicule of my Tarot reading ability however, that did not happen and I was remarkably surprised at the outcome.

When I called into the program and waited to go on live I heard the host and the psychic answer another caller’s question . The caller asked both the psychic and the host how someone could tell the difference from a fake fortune teller and a real clairvoyant. Their answer was, ” Anyone who comes on with a big show or a big promotion about their ability generally is a fraud. The reading must be accurate and be truthful to the person who’s cards are being read. Also a Tarot reader must be objective in their reading, and not try to sway, or personally influence any decision either good or bad for the person who’s cards are being read.” When I read the Tarot I have every intention of being objective and accurate. My objectivity in a reading is also accompanied by my own vision or immediate impression given by the cards. The card speaks to the Tarot reader. The Tarot is portal to the spirit world. There are several ways to lay out the cards , and I generally do both lay outs when I read the Tarot. One is a three card lay and the other is a nine card lay. Both I learned from Johanna Sherman the creator of the Sacred Rose Tarot Deck.

Because some people may be overly excited or cautious when having their cards read for the first time by a reader they do not know. I first do a three card lay out and interpret the cards for them. Then I ask if they want me to go further. I have had no one refuse to go further in the reading. If they agree to the next reading I ask them if the first reading was accurate. All whose cards I have read either knodded their consent in amazement, or enthusiastically agree for me to go on with the next reading .

In my reading to the psychic on the radio show, I did a three card reading, and she approved of my going further into the next layout. I did a nine card layout for her and as each card came up and I read each card’s symbolism and definition. She agreed with my interpretation and became very involved in the reading , as she verbally acknowledged the accuracy of what I was telling her about herself. At the end of the reading I humbly asked her, if I was accurate in my reading of her cards. She said that I was extremely accurate and I had read her cards with ninety percent accuracy. She then complimented me on my clairvoyance and thanked me for the reading. This program can be heard on “Paranormals” on BlogTalkRadio.com , archived,Thursday 4/10/08. My reading was during the second half of the program.

Earlier that evening during my own program my guest Maria Fix Algeri a renowned and highly respected, psychic was scheduled to appear on the program. She informed me that afternoon that she would be unable to be on the program because of a sudden illness . I rearranged my show format for that evening and prepared to do selected readings of the book of Infinity II of the Angi Yoga series. As I went on the air I felt the sensation of someone trying to contact me telepathically . It felt like it feels when you know someone is about to call you on the phone, and the next second or so the phone rings and that person you were thinking of is on the line. I could tell it was Maria. I informed my listeners that I was going to challenge Maria to do the show using me as a medium. She accepted the challenge, and I proceeded to channel her thoughts to me. I could hear her voice clearly and see her face as she was laughing and smiling , telling me what to say to my listeners. She said several things that made me laugh and then she asked me to ask my listeners if they wanted a psychic reading from Maria channeled through me. No caller took me up on this , however as I asked several times for people to call in I heard Maria tell me “Don’t beg for callers, Don’t beg for callers, they don’t trust you yet.” I told the audience what Maria told me, saying Maria is telling me not to beg for callers, and I turned my attention to the reading of the Book of Infinity. I read a few sentences and realized that I had read most of the book already in a previous program. I quickly decided to read the Book of Aum from the Agni Yoga series.

As I began to read from the Book of Aum I became aware that I was slightly unprepared to read and comment on this text due to it’s degree of difficulty and my concern that I might confuse my listeners. I had read this text privately several months earlier, however I had forgotten the level of difficulty there was in reading and interpreting it’s meaning to the uninitiated reader or listener. The Book of Aum was intended to be read as one of the last books in the series. For those who are not aware of the Agni Yoga this series of mystical works are channeled writings, by “Agni” or clairvoyant initiates channeling ascended masters, who describe the universal laws and structures of creation and the Hierarchy of the human spirit , it’s purpose and destiny. These books were referred to me by Maria Algeri and are the most facinating books I have ever read. I have been reading selections from this series on my Thursday night internet show since sometime in 2007. (Please refer to the program archives on my BlogTalkRadio.com Host Page)

As I began to read from the Book of Aum I stumbled on a few phrases and I could hear Maria groan as though in anguish. I continued my reading of the first paragraph when I heard Maria say , “You are butchering the book of Aum”. I began to laugh out loud as I told my listeners” Maria says I am butchering the Book of Aum.” I stopped the reading and continued my channeling of Maria, until I recieved a phone call in from the host of the “Paranormals. ” Dan was calling in to speak with Maria and mention his own program. That was when I asked him if I could do a reading on his show.

The following morning I received a phone call from Maria . She was laughing as I answered the phone and immediately confirmed our telepathic communication of the night before on the show. I was so very happy to hear from her . I was afraid she would say she wasn’t communicating with me the previous night, and I was having auditory halucinations. She told me I had received everything she said to me, and was amazed at the way I picked it all up. I was amazed as well.

As a young child I recognized I had some psychic ability but put it off as a weird thought; until I was old enough to learn that my Grandfather had psychic abilities , and was the seventh son of a seventh son. He could read cards, and often had visions. He didn’t encourage my clairvoyance however I always had interests in philosophy, religions, spirituality, mysticism, and the occult. I knew their was great wisdom and knowledge in the world that I was not yet aware of , but I had an inceasant desire to find. I read many books in so many of these areas. I attended lectures, and took college classes in these subjects . However I could never dispell the intuitive aspect of my research. The knowledge I needed would come to me or I would go to it. I found great works and read them all. I studied the works and mysticism of Blake, Swedenborg , Blavatsky and Emerson , Caycee, and numerous others. I found gems of brilliance in all of these works, that led me to a rich understanding and appreciation of their accuracy and profound lessons of the Cosmic Laws interwoven though their master works . My assimilation of these works brought about the growing awareness of my own psychic abilities. I have had many psychic experiences . I believe I have finally developed enough confidence to use my clairvoyance in ways that can truly benefit my life and the lives of others. I remind my readers that, “When the student is ready , the teacher will appear.” I thank Maria Algeri for being my teacher, and I thank so many other great teachers now living or passed on, who have inspired the journey I began long ago. It is the same journey everyone embarks upon at their birth. The successful completion of that journey depends on our guides, our teachers, and our willingness to listen to them however they choose to communicate with us.


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