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Mar 14 2012

The Autumn Fire

The Autumn Fire by L.A. Steel   Autumn  wind  unleashed from hell disrupting the peace and prosperity of time lasting for a moment as a flash of memory in a absent minded mind.   A demon’s eyes were on fire hatred was its only desire then the demon took flight , as a  flame of fire …

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Dec 03 2008

Latest Religions Worship Man and Nature

  LATEST RELIGIONS WORSHIP MAN AND NATURE 12/3/08 Since history began stories and legends have been created surrounding either the worship of Man or Nature. As Man evolved into a more enlightened species it became apparent to most of Mankind ; that there was a supreme creator. Perhaps it was the self realization of men; …

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Oct 24 2007


A HOUSE ON FIRE 10/24/07 The horror of the California wild fires is a harsh awakening to millions of Americans, that our well being and security could be lost overnight; through fire, flood, wind , earthquake, or any natural force of nature or man . America is not immune to natural or man made disasters. …

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Mar 28 2007


FIRE 3/28/07 Fire can be a friend or a ferocious enemy. The careful balance of fire and ore can create metal into any desired form. The careful mix of temperature and ingredients can blend into a perfect creation. Fire is the eternal force, that all alchemists have tried to harness and comprehend. The symbol of …

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