Oct 27 2008

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Within the boundaries of the physical world the three dimensional limits bind the human spirit. The spirit breathes with rhythmic motion and listens to earth bound sounds. It is a prisoner of memory, fear and forgetfulness.

The stars move subtly to dazzle the observer of the night sky. Bathed in mist and moonlight the vision of night unveils infinity. Here in its marvel at the mystery the human spirit, is aware of its prison.

False blindness beguiles the sense of sight. Pain ceases as willful ignorance excels all future events. The sorcerer sets his spells upon the fools who believe in his dark power. Madmen wander the battlefields of lost love and life, hunched over in demise, slaves to memories of lost fortunes and the certainty of their destinies.

The leveling fields reveal crop circles, alien abductions of innocence and animals for genetic experiments of cloned madness, placed in the veiled existence of a physical world; where suffering , hunger , pain and torment are illusions as are pleasure and plenty. The senses are the locks that imprison the spirit in its cage of humanity.

A child awakened to himself is confused by lust and the madness of mission. Direction is indiscernible as parents lead with there backs turned away from the future. Letting fashion dictate their directions. Colors, size, shape and curve are dependent upon the temperature of seasons.. Protecting and accentuating the body for the future and present.

It is cold as the dark morning revealed twenty degrees of warmth. Until the sun rose and warmed the air to thirty five degrees. Three degrees of scientific measurement creates a thaw. How practical man is to create tools to measure his degrees of misery, yet he cannot imagine freedom from his spiritual imprisonment.

Urasvati hears the prayers of the suffering . Urasvati the coming mother hears the anguish of her enslaved children and speeds through the universe to their rescue. Hear her voice, hear her screams of anger and horror at the self enslavement of her children in an oblivion of misery.. “Freedom is near ! The time is soon !” She shouts. Her children hear her and howl and cry , as wolves to the nocturnal moon. .

Endless death in an ageless quest for empire breeds warriors as ants and worker bees to fight and defend its colonies. Mindless warriors fight and die for the protection and expansion of their hill or hive. What joy is in the insect world , except for the butterfly? Whose beauty and freedom of flight momentarily inspire the human spirit into wonderment and delight.

Released from between the thighs as a spiraling creation nurtured from breasts, held in the arms of love or abandonment., lost either way as a seed without root, blown by random winds to its destiny. Lost generations hide in fear in center earth, beneath an artificial sky, and molten sun.

Minds of forgotten times refuse to ascend and remain stagnant or descend. These are the lost tribes who exist in their own eternity, rejecting the future of infinity. The bright eyed neophyte looks eagerly at his teacher to receive an indifferent smile as though he knows but does not care. The teacher is the murderer of knowledge or the reason for its suicide.

Survival in darkness is easier than in light.. Darkness demands man to sleep. Light demands he opens his eyes. .

Reach for tomorrow and embrace today, because they both will soon disappear. Humanity can not evolve unless it ascends, it can not ascend imprisoned by fear.


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