Oct 26 2008

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Biden’s Brain Should Be Bronzed


Everyone knew Joe Biden couldn’t last until November 4th before he said something incredibly stupid. What amazes me is he survived as long as he did. He may very well be correct by saying Obama will be tested by foreign leaders within the first six months of his presidency, but to say it at all as a VP candidate is about as stupid a statement anyone could make.

The Republicans were waiting for this kind of a Biden blunder. They have taken advantage of it, but are still not winning in the polls. The reason is that McCain is more stupid than Biden,. and Palin is smarter than McCain or Biden. When the Republican presidential candidate is less intelligent than his VP candidate and less intelligent than his opponent’s VP candidate the Republicans have to have realized they have absolutely no chance of winning other than by rigging the voting machines and illegally purging the voter registries. The reason Joe Biden’s stupid remarks haven’t gained more interest amongst Obama supporters is because they all expected Biden to say something stupid. They knew he would shoot himself in the foot. They knew he was a complete idiot. That is why he lost so badly in the Democratic Primaries.

What McCain’s handlers and supporters fail to understand is that they are backing a looser who should never have been nominated. No matter what Obama says or does the media and his supporters don’t care. Obama is their golden boy, the King of Charisma. The dim witted , delusional , McCain never had a chance to win the Presidency. Obama could have picked BoBo the wonder dog as his running mate,(which would have been a better pick than Biden) and the polls would still show him ahead of McCain by double digits.


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