Nov 28 2008

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I think it is more than coincidence that the Indian terrorists attacked the Taj Hotel and several more of India’s tourist traps on Thanksgiving weekend.It was just what Americans needed to be entertained by between Turkey Day and Black Friday. Who ever these groups are who picked this week to terrorize India had to be aware of the western media’s dire need for something to report on, that would detract from the global financial meltdown. Bush and Obama were at home eating turkey and the pundits were inventing and rewriting diologue so it sounded different than what they said the day before. So far this month we have been entertained by the Somalian pirates , the Indian terrorists and the Macy Day Parade. I feel that the network advertisers might have placed some serious pressure on the networks to knock off the bail out bullshit and concentrate on something different , so the holiday sales won’t be so affected by people realizing they and their government don’t have any more money to spend this year.

The networks and the Bush Administration were in a severe panic, of not knowing what to do about the financial meltdown and at the same time having nothing else to report about. In Hank Paulson’s last press conference at the beginning of this week , he had the appearance of a man in severe physical and emotional crisis. He was flop sweating at the podium and stuttering through every sentence. He had just been beaten up by the House bail out committee and made to look like a complete incompetent asshole, of which he is. His mask of competence was torn off his face in short order as well as the unmasking of Bernacke’s insanity. It became very apparent this week that no one in the Bush Administration or in the Federal Reserve have any idea how to solve this horrid financial problem, and they and the television networks put their greedy heads together and came up with idea of selling sales. Selling Black Friday, selling Christmas. Every bleached blond news babe was smiling and making Thanksgiving dinner with some famous cook on their morning shows. Other more serious made up news babes were trying to look serious while reporting about Indian terrorists and financial meltdowns, and then turning their true attention to making homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, and being reminded by the featured expert cooks to take out the bag of giblets from the inside of the turkey before cooking their turkey.

Ya gotta love the American news media, who successfully pulled off the impossible . They managed to direct 300 million people to their nearest Best Buy and Walmart stores to buy the latest and greatest discounted 46 inch plasma television set, on credit, that few if any Americans have left or were saving for an emergency. . As I watched the morning shows this morning it appeared that all the sales hype worked, because millions of Americans stood in lines in front of Walmart and Best Buy stores at midnight until the the doors opened at 5 am. It was reported by a breathless, network news babe this morning; that someone was crushed to death by the stampede of bargain hunting bulls and mad cows pushing their way into a Walmart store to spend their grocery and gas money on discounted XBoxs, Ipods.and big screen televisions. It appears to me that the news media is the terrorist element in this country, disguised as heavily made up blonds , brunettes and redheads who sit cross legged in high heels, directing the mindless members of their audiences to the nearest discount retail stores.


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