Nov 30 2008

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Glancing at the Globe and G.W. Bush


I’m uncertain what to call yesterday. Friday was known as Black Friday, I guess Saturday was Grey Saturday. Yesterday I was walking around Walmart checking out the less than exciting bargains.and I found nothing I wanted to buy; except for a tube of toothpaste and a can of shaving cream. As I stood in the check out line, I browsed through a copy of The Globe . The Globe is one of those over priced gossip papers that have all the tell all news about Brad Pitt or Britney Spears. On the front page of this issue was a picture of G.W. Bush, with a headline that said , Bush Breaks Down , with a typical brainless picture of G.W. Bush on the front page. . With four people in front of me in the check out lane I decided I had enough time to glance at the story before I got to the cashier. As usual with these types of newspapers, the front page story was hidden in the middle of thirty or more pages between stories of Celebrity Cellulite and pictures of fat aliens sited eating at McDonalds. .

The G.W. article stated that George was having a mental breakdown and actually cried when he met privately with Barack Obama, and told him how sad he was that he was going to be remembered as the worst president in history. The article also stated that George’s wife Laura was about to file for divorce, after they leave the White house at the end of his term as President, and she has made a deal for a tell all book about her years with G.W. The article went on to say that George has been drinking heavily and continually crying in self pity. No one seems to be able to console him or stop him from drinking.The source of this report is an anonymous White house stafer, possibly a domestic house keeper, which is where the Globe gets most of its “exclusive”White house information from. I can remember this same magazine reporting a possible affair George was having with Condeleeza Rice over a year ago, and his drinking was out of control then .The excessive drinking would help explain G.W.’s erratic speech patterns and apparent loss of any sense of reality.. It makes me wonder who has control of the nuclear war button.

Before I could finish the article the cashier asked me if I wanted to buy the paper. I asked her how much it cost, and she replied “Three dollars and twelve cents. ” I had to ponder the purchase for a moment, to think whether or not the article was worth over three dollars to read to its end. I decided it wasn’t worth it and quickly put the newspaper back in the rack and cashed out. I left the store content that I had gotten what I needed , and possibly a true piece of gossip about the troubles of G.W Bush. The problem with getting any sensational news and information from The Globe is that The Globe is about as trustworthy as the New York Times.. Both are notorious for publishing false stories.

Grey Saturday turned out to be just that, a grey and cloudy afternoon, and a very cold evening, but for some reason I couldn’t rid my mind of the George W. Bush article I read in The Globe. The thought of G.W staggering drunk and alone wandering through the White house , talking to Abe Lincoln’s picture, or looking at Richard Nixon’s scowling portrait, made me warm and happy, to know that maybe there is karmic justice in the world, and maybe G.W. Bush will receive eternal damnation, for all the hell and harm he has created and the countless people who have died and suffered because of his reign of terror, as the Worst President in History. .


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