Nov 26 2008

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The Lame Duck Pardons a Turkey


Today G.W. Bush pardoned a turkey in honor of Thanksgiving. This was a symbolic gesture by the most inept president the U.S has ever had. In contrast to G.W’s idiocy , thirty minutes before the G.W. Bush farce , President Elect Barack Obama presented at a televised news conference his economic bail out team to bail out the United States from the devastating economic policies of G.W. Bush.. This was a typical example of the overwhelming idiocy of the Bush presidency. As I watched this theater of the absurd other turkey pardons came to mind, the pardon of Scooter Libby.and the many drug dealers that G.W. Bush has pardoned during his term in office. The only righteous pardons that should have been granted but were denied were those of Compeon and Ramos the two Boarder Patrol agents who were wrongfully imprisoned for shooting a drug dealer in the ass before he escaped back over the Mexican border.

I heard old Babs Bush had a perforated ulcer. Perhaps this was part of her karma , for the millions of ulcers of Americans and Iraqis caused by Babs’ idiot son since he has been President. As I consider all the crimes committed against the American people and people around the world by the Bush Family, the Bush Family’s karmic fate should be an eternity in a rendition cell, tortured by the lost soul of Saddam Hussein and the thousands of tortured souls murdered by the Bush Family.


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