Sep 22 2005

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I’m Going To D.C To Meet A Million Patriots


I’m Going to D.C. to Meet a Million Patriots


For all who are not aware of the Washington D.C rally scheduled for Sept.24, 2005 you are aware of it now. I was amazed and disappointed at the response I received from a number of people I’ve asked in the last few weeks, if they were going to the big anti war rally. Many said : “What rally?” or “What?” or “Washington D.C?” Others have said, “It’s not worth my time!” or “Why do you want to go there?” Some just gave me a blank stare as though they were afraid to answer or didn’t hear the question. I wasn’t being overly aggressive; I knew most of these people. I have to admit what surprised me was many of them were professionals that should be aware of what is going on in the world. They grin and back away before they say anything political either right, left or moderate. It’s not because they want to be politically correct ; I am convinced it is because they do not care enough to be informed enough and realize they are better off keeping their mouths shut; rather than be found out that they know nothing at all about the anti war movement.

For my international audience I will preface the next sentence by stating that in the U.S there is a late night television program on called the Jay Leno Show. Jay Leno will often take his microphone and go to the streets of Los Angeles or Burbank California and ask people walking by certain questions about American history and current events. The segment of his show is called “Jay Walking” The segment is amazing. Nine out of ten people he speaks to are average Americans walking on the street. He will ask them basic questions such as “Who is George Washington? Or Who is George Bush or Who is Tony Blair or Where is Iraq?” The amazing thing is most people he asks haven’t a clue of the correct answer.

This is America. This is the country I live in. These are the majority of Americans who voted for G.W Bush and wave the flag and swear at Anti War activists. These are the majority of Americans who have not a clue as to who wrote the Declaration of Independence or what it was written for, or who their founding fathers were , much less who Halliburton is or KBR or even Dick Cheney. They might have heard of Saddam Hussein, but they think he is really Osama Bin Laden. This is America. I am willing to bet that three quarters of all the men and women now serving in the American armed forces would fail a fifth grade U.S history test. Most Americans cannot read beyond a fifth grade level. The most popular newspapers in the U.S are the New York Post the Daily News and the National Enquirer. None of these papers are written for readers with IQs of over 80. Other papers like the New York Times delude people and themselves into believing that they have anything relevant to say, to the extent that they allow there reporters to write pure fiction in place of real news. The results of this mass disinformation is what happened recently when I spoke before a class of high school seniors in a U.S History class . 25 students all having reached the 12th grade and average age was 18. I asked them if they new what a constitution was and if they could describe what the Constitution of the United States was. To my complete amazement not one of them raised their hand. Not one student in that classroom of high school seniors knew what a constitution was or were able to define what the U.S Constitution was. This is America. This is why George W. Bush is the president. This is why Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are listened to and believed. An immigrant applying for citizenship in the U.S knows more and is required to know more about U.S history than the vast majority of American high school graduates. It is a national disgrace that the U.S is made up of a vast majority of complete idiots. The poor immigrant crossing illegally over the southwestern borders have a better understanding of America’s promise than most American’s who were born and raised in the U.S. It is frightening, shocking and a national disgrace.

Yes, God Bless America land of the Moron president, land of the fat burger, Mayor McCheese, Mc Congress, Mc Movies, Mc Mansions, the abridged versions of everything, Sooped up, SUVed, medicated, obese, loud, greedy, arrogant and ignorant. How can the world look to us for leadership, they cannot. How can they expect aid from us? They cannot. America has lost its way and is too stupid to know it. I am going to D.C this week end to meet with all the American Patriots. All the Americans, who know and understand what is happening to their country, people who are desperately trying to salvage honor, decency and respect for themselves and for their country in the eyes of the rest of the world. We must let the World know that there are living, breathing, thinking, human beings still left in the U.S and with the world’s help we can take back our own country and become leaders and partners again with our friends and allies. Those in D.C this weekend speak for the true American who believes in the grand ideals of freedom and liberty and will never accept tyranny.

L.A. Steel


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