Sep 13 2005

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Interview with Cindy Sheehan, Show Promo, Kathy Kelly


I’m lucky to have been able to interview many nationally noted activists and celebrities on my shows. My listenership is as diversified as my web site readers and one of the most important questions I have considered asking Cindy Sheehan was posed to me, by a friend and peace activist, What does Cindy think the true reason for the Iraq war was and does she believe the official 911 Commission Report and its findings? With all the evidence out now regarding the Bush administration’s involvement in the 911 attack and proof that the WTC was destroyed by controlled demolition not by the impact of the planes, what does she believe? Would she support the reopening of the 911 investigation? Does she believe G.W Bush should be Impeached and tried for high crimes and treason? I may not get a chance to ask all of these questions as we are interviewing her via cell phone in New Orleans but I believe her answer to any one of these questions may be of great interest to my audience. I will post a transcript of the interview on this web site tomorrow. If you can, please tune in to the program on WQQQ 103.3 fm between 8-10pm EST. tonight.

I appreciate the courage of Cindy Sheehan and applaud her for all the attention she has received and rallying the Anti War movement to pre war levels of engagement. My only concern is that she is not being exploited by those who want to distract the Anti War movement and left from the truth about 911 and the complicity of the Republican and Democratic parties in the cover-up, as well as the stolen elections in 2000 and 2004.

Tonight’s show begins at 8:00pm to 10pm the interview will be at 9:15pm EST. I wish to thank Jody Evan of Code Pink for enabling me to have this interview with Cindy. Jody will be appearing on the radio show on 9/20/05 to discuss the Sept. 24th and 25th Washington D.C rally, Code Pink is one of the main organizers of the rally. I’m certain my audience will enjoy listening to her.



As promised to my readers I have attempted to transcribe my interview with Cindy Sheehan. It will be forth coming; transcriptions are difficult to do in a limited amount of time so bear with me. I did however have an interesting conversation with Cindy Sheehan until her cell phone broke contact with me and I was unable to reconnect to her. We spoke for 15 or so minutes until we got abruptly cut off. She was in New Orleans last night handing out food and water to the very desperate and needy flood victims of Katrina.

I believe I was most impressed by Cindy’s sincerity, her genuine concern and candor that came across so powerfully throughout our conversation. She described the devastation she was witnessing in New Orleans and a few incidents she had encountered while giving food and water to several flood survivors.

I asked if she believed the official 911 report and if she would support the reopening of that investigation. She said she would support it because G.W Bush is such a liar that anything he did should be in doubt. His reasons for going to war with Iraq were based completely upon lies. I asked her if she believed she might be able to speak with G.W Bush eventually. To which she replied “No” she felt that G.W Bush would never face her and the American people to tell the truth about Iraq and the reason for the hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world that have been committed by U.S military interventions.

As promised I will try to have the full interview transcribed soon. But until then I attest to my readers that Cindy Sheehan is a wonderful woman deserving of our support and the support of all honorable Americans. The vast majority now know (based on the recent polls) that G.W Bush and his administration of monsters is a grave, direct and present danger to the American people and a severe threat to the world. They do not trust him and know that this mad man must be stopped. He must be tried and convicted as a war criminal along with his entire administration. This will be done by the American Citizens and I thank Cindy Sheehan for picking up the fallen sword of justice and waving it at G.W Bush and rallying the people of the U.S to stand up and fight against the tyranny that is in our midst. Identifying the tyrant and the congress and corporate media that empowers him. The American people will attack and take back their government on September 24 in Washington D.C as Cindy Sheehan and other activists for Peace and Justice will drive the cowards in the Bush administration to their knees. ‘” POWER TO THE PEOPLE!” Americans owe Cindy Sheehan their respect for her courage and good work. Let no one dare to silence her speaking truth to power or darken her vision of the complete and immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq; nor my vision of the impeachment and imprisonment of G.W Bush.


I will write more about my interview with Kathy Kelly from the Voice in the Wilderness, VITW.org tomorrow and have that transcript later as well. I promise that she was totally engaging. Last night’s show was one of my very best.


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  1. Dani

    Here’s the thing. Whether Cindy Sheehan shouts down an ecelted representative or not, they’ll still have the chance to make their points, even if they just wait until after lunch or until the following day. Hell, they don’t even have to have a press conference, they can just issue a press release. Your average citizen, on the other hand, does not have access to the same forums as leadership. Imagine it wasn’t Cindy Sheehan who disrupted the press conference imagine it was you or me. What impact can we expect to make when all other options have failed? At some point you have to say, This is not working. What can I do to put this issue in the forefront where it belongs? For all we know the only reason she did what she did was to generate discussions like this one. She certainly couldn’t have expected to end the war

  2. Wida

    Regardless of people’s views that Ms Sheehan has a potalicil agenda, i am in awe of how low the hard right will sink to make a point. At the core of the issue is theat the woman lost her son and seeks an explanation/understanding of why she had to make such a sacrifice and why her son, the ultimate sacrifice. In the face of George Bush losing the battle of credibility and no longer being regarded as a straight shooter, he owes it, not just to Ms Sheehan and the American public but to the entiore world to explain the validity of this war. It is obviously not to centalize the war on terror elsewhere cos London has taught us that the fight can still be brought to our shores. To minimize her scarifice and make comments like we all lose something and she should get over it is absolutely disgusting and counters the argument they try to make that our focus should be on suporting the troops. As a final note, I am quite disappointed that the news that the state department sent a memo of concrn that there were gaping holes in the postwar planning, prior to declaring war, is being grossly under reported and investigated. How are we to ensure that such a quagmire is not repeated.

  3. Laia

    I don’t consider her a coiatern of the media. As far as I know she wasn’t contacted by any media outlet and told, Since your son was killed in Iraq, how would you like to go protest at the president’s ranch? I assume she expected the media to report her story, and they’ve definitely taken advantage of her outspokenness and willingness to get arrested to turn her into a figurehead for the anti-war movement. As far as I can tell that’s indisputable. However, I don’t think they created her, they just got lucky. What standing does she have? Good question, I don’t know and, frankly, don’t really care. I know where I stand on the issue and don’t need to hear her talk about it to make up my mind. She’s clearly against the war but only she can articulate what she feels is the best way to turn the situation around. Maybe she has a plan, maybe she doesn’t. Maybe the Bush administration has a plan, maybe it doesn’t. As far as her tactics, I can definitely understand why she finds in necessary to escalate her fight a little bit. What has she accomplished so far? The war that killed her son is still raging we’ve passed the 3000 mark, for christ’s sake. Protesting at the Bush ranch hasn’t worked, getting arrested hasn’t worked, making public appearances at anti-war rallies hasn’t worked, petitioning our government hasn’t worked. Nothing she’s done has gotten anywhere close to her ultimate goal of ending the war. Why continue to play by their rules when it just sets her up to fail? Maybe she’s thinking she can only wait so long for those in power to finally heed the will of the people who elected them. I don’t presume to speak for her, or even know what she’s thinking in the first place, but it makes sense to me. Personal opinions of the war aside, we’re still in Iraq despite growing public opposition. Why should she show respect to these politicians who aren’t respecting their constituents?

  4. Bianca

    it is a wonderful article, i like it, thank you very much!

  5. Cauani

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  6. Aliciane

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