Sep 29 2005

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Mr. Steel Goes to Washington




It wasn’t the biggest anti war bang of the new millennium, but it was the second biggest bang. Estimates by organizers of which I agree were 300,000 protestors. Good people all of them. Great people, people of conscience, commitment and true hatred toward the Bush administration. My kind of people. My only regret is we were peaceful.

I can only guess at the overall feelings of the 300,000, but I am certain that the majority consensus was for the U.S to end its war in Iraq; and that G.W Bush is impeached and tried for war crimes. I am also certain that none of my fellow marchers would object to the complete purge of Congress, Whitehouse and the Supreme Court. My only regret as I stated before is, that the protest remained peaceful. Nothing of political and revolutionary importance ever gets accomplished by peaceful means. As all revolutionaries know a revolution needs martyrs.

Well, perhaps there was a martyr. Yes that martyr was righteous anger and courageous leadership. This appeared to be seriously lacking, not one of the speakers dared to say it. Not one of the 300,000 dared to do what needed to be done. So we marched and shouted and sang some mind numbing song and marched onward to nothing at the sound of a voice from a bull horn and the beat of a lonely drum. The power of the people limped along harnessed by fear, age, and a leaderless movement. Cindy Sheehan cannot do it all she is a woman with the heart of gold. The chaos was noticeable the potpourri of speakers and notables together could not ignite the fury of this crowd. A friend of mine said he thought a helicopter was spraying something down on the crowd of marchers, many could smell and taste it. I could not detect it but I wasn’t in the complete thick of the marchers where it was noticed. I did notice an unusual malaise overcome me and certain disconnect from the crowd, but I passed it off as fatigue and the objective disconnect one makes when filming an event for television or documentary. Being part of the massive crowd felt almost euphoric, meshing with the minds of hundreds of thousands of people who feel as you do. I think I felt the oneness of humanity. I think I experienced hope at a higher level than I had ever experienced it before. I know almost everyone was smiling, determined and quietly walking side by side with strangers towards an unknown destination. I don’t think anyone knew where they were or where they were marching to, but it seemed that someone knew who was at the beginning of the march, and we all had faith enough in them ( though we could not see them or hear them) to follow. It really didn’t seem to matter to anyone because they were all marching independently for their own reason for being there, everyone’s’ reason as individual as their signs.

Americans will win our war, not against Iraq but against the true villain and tyrant G.W Bush. Americans will gain our country back, our freedom and our greatness but only after we rid ourselves of the vermin who run our Government. There is the power in the American People slowly and methodically marching toward freedom and justice but, without politicians ( no American politician was at the rally) or without the corporate media,(No major corporate news media was at the rally except for CSPAN).

God may have been in Washington D.C on September 24th, 2005, but he wasn’t in the White house, he was surrounding it with 300,000 peaceful protestors, shouting to rid the Whitehouse of its current occupant. Americans take a while to boil, but when they do they overflow and scorch the world around them. Once their anger is rightly focused on the real villains, no hole in the ground will be deep enough for G.W and his henchmen, and the complicit Congress, to hide or escape the wrath of the American people.


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