Dec 26 2006

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For two nights I’ve had this odd dream that keeps flashing in my subconscious, C = Non Existent no data found. The dream evolves with my being involved with something or someone, and then questions will arise. Questions A and B both have answers but C will always come up as, Non Existent no data found. Every third question, or every category C, will come up the same and persist throughout the night as a repeating dream cycle.

The first night being Christmas Eve, I attributed the dream to too much wine and food. The second night the dream re occurred in the same way. It plagued my sleep all night long. When I woke, I was resolved to solving the equation. C= Non Existent , no data found. As I thought about what C could stand for , I was unable to think of anyone or thing of significance; whose name began with C. I looked up the letter C in a numerology book, and it equates to the number three. Three is a significant number in numerology it signifies, ‚ÄúTrinity, mind-body-spirit harmony; dream has a spiritual message.” So I struggled the last two days, wondering what kind of message I could have received from C = Non Existent no data found. I still haven’t figured it out yet . I thought that it was a message that I could share with my readers. If anyone can figure it out they may have a greater insight into my subconscious than I do.

I had a few guests on Christmas Eve but no one had a name that began with C. No comments that I can remember had anything to do with C. Maybe C did equal nothing, and I have nothing to substantiate the meaning of the dream? It is possible the entire dream was void of any meaning; other than it being a nuisance and disturbing my sleep.

There is one other clue that I recall. Each time C = Non Existent no data found, appeared in the dream , I became angry and frustrated. I felt as though something was being censored from me, and explained away as not existing or it never had existed. Perhaps the C stands for Censored, or it could mean nothing at all?


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