Dec 27 2006

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I read in the New York Daily News today,that Saddam Hussein has less than thirty days to live before his execution. The article stated, that he could be executed today without even a 24 hour notice to him, or his remaining family. I understand that there might be some karmic justice in his surprise execution,but I believe the world justice system should be far more fair and humane, than it is proving itself to be in the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein.

The entire world knows that the Saddam Hussein trial will go down in history as the greatest miscarriage of international justice the world has ever witnessed. Even the murderous members of Hitler’s staff received a fairer hearing than did Saddam Hussein. The entire trial was a sham and a shame both to the Iraqis people and to the United States. Just as this war on Iraq is a sham and a shame. A total disgrace to humanity, a disgrace to Islam , a disgrace to Christianity , a disgrace to God and all the noblest achievements of Mankind.

Saddam Hussein was not a saint of any sort, but he was a human being. He was a leader of a once great sovereign nation. He ruled with an iron hand; because holding the warring factions of Kurds, Sunni and Shia together, demanded an iron handed leader. What the United States’ present and former administrations want everyone to forget is; that they were responsible for the rise and protection of the totalitarian rule of Saddam Hussein. G.H.W Bush and Ronald Reagan heralded Saddam Hussein as a “Freedom Fighter” after he murdered all of his opposition in a complete purge of the Iraqis Parliament. The United States gave Saddam all of his weapons. We also supplied Iran with its weapons to fight Saddam during the Iran, Iraq war. That war killed over one million people . So few in the West recall the walls of human shields of children put up by the Iranians and Iraqis against the U.S supplied weapons, supplied to both sides. The murder of the 5000 Kurds was dismissed in the trial of Saddam Hussein, to avoid the embarrassment and possible global indictment of the United States and the Bush 1 administration. The “great gulf war 1 president” had trained and supplied, Saddam with the chemical weapons used against the Kurds, and encouraged their use, to suppress the Kurdish uprising. How quickly the world media forgets that Donald Rumsfeld was the U.S emissary for that mission. Donald Rumsfeld was a great friend of Saddam Hussein.

How the media and the Bush administrations 1 and 2 would like the world to forget that Bush 2 sold out his interest in the oil company; that he and George Soros had invested in Kuwait just before Saddam invaded that country. Georgy Jr. got out with many millions of dollars leaving Soros and his reluctant investors holding the proverbial bag unaware of the insider information supplied to Georgy Jr. by George Sr.. For this reason and others George Soros vowed to do all he could to destroy George Jr. in 2000 and 2004. It appears George Soros might have gotten sidetracked betting on the declining U.S economy under Bush Jr. , and realized he’d be better off letting George Jr. destroy himself and the entire Bush Dynasty with him.

Saddam Hussein sits in his cell this day pondering his fate. He must be wondering if this will be his last day alive. Maybe he is cursing the souls of the men and women who should be sharing the gallows with him. These sociopaths are far greater murderers and thieves than he ever was. Perhaps he is wondering if history will punish them more than it will punish him. I for one believe that it will. The following list of criminals against humanity, should forever be condemned, and should be hung by their necks until dead on the same gallows as Saddam Hussein. These men and women are responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions of innocent people throughout the world and in the Middle East, and the destruction and genocide of the entire Iraqis civilization.

Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas J. Feith, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, James Woolsey, Michael Joyce, Paul Bremmer, Lt. Gen. John Abizaid, Maj Gen. Bruce Morre, Gen. Buck Walters, Gen. Tommy Franks, Sec.of State. Collin Powel, Sec of State Condoleezza Rice, President George H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush, Tony Blair. The entire U.S pre 2004 Congress and Senate. The entire staff and management of Fox News, CNN, ABC,CBS and NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and all of their affiliates, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, The L.A.Times, The Hartford Current, the Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Tribune,every newspaper , website and blog that supported Bush 2 and his insanity and absurd war, every conservative radio talk show host in America and every war loving American, stupid enough to buy into the propaganda.

Saddam Hussein may die today, but all the above mentioned villains will die a million times throughout eternity. As their countless crimes against humanity are finally unearthed and uncovered, they will weigh heavier on their damned souls, as they are tortured while they dangle by their necks forever, on the hangman’s rope of history.


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