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Apr 06 2015


There is a place few of us will ever discover . I am writing from it. I am light years away from earth. The light and warmth and enchantment are beyond earthly description, and exists within me, and I believe it exists in all of us, if we close our eyes to see. I am …

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Nov 09 2013

The Nine Sisters by Bill Donahue (video lecture)

Begin this video at 1min 35seconds in. This is a lecture that explains the story and spiritual connection of the nine muses of Greek mythology to the complete discovery of human spiritual enlightenment, and the physical link to God through our own minds and the divine spirit within ourselves. This lecture also explains the connection …

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Oct 15 2012

The Doorway to Everything.

The Doorway to Everything 10/15/12 Somewhere in my awakened consciousness there is a place that is blurred and unrecognizable. A place in the mist of memory unknown and unexperienced. There is a place within my mind that refuses to reveal itself. It isn’t my subconscious, I spend my sleeping hours there and know it quite …

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Esoteric Overture

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Jan 25 2008


CALLING TO THE UNIVERSE 1/25/08 When someone calls to the Universe they receive their reply through intuition. The caller connects to the Universe through their thoughts. The call does not have to be vocalized it must only be clear. If I call someone by telephone I must be clear in what I say, and I …

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