Apr 06 2006

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Maybe I’m in the first stages of Alzheimer’s or I’ve simply lost too many brain cells from living an excessive life style; but lately I seem to be losing my sense of time. I just realized that it has been over a week since I posted a new article. I’ve been thinking of several topics and researching a few; but I came to the conclusion that, I can research something to death and get nothing accomplished, except become more confused about a topic than I was when I began my research.

What sparked this essay was when I got out of my car the other day and had a remarkable flashback to a time long ago when I was much younger. Maybe it was the sun or the Spring air and blue sky that day; but for some reason I felt I had been transported back to a time and place when I was lighter on my feet, carefree, and jubilant. It was as though I was that age again, a young man with a long future ahead of me. I have been trying to discover what jolted that feeling in me , it was as though I had entered a time warp and was living that moment new. I had my mature mind but I was in my young body and felt remarkably agile and young again. I know I’ve had other moments in the past that have made me feel younger and have great energy and enthusiasm, but this one was different in that I felt that I had actually physically jumped back in time or that the past had jumped forward. My mind was the same but my body felt different. The time change lasted only a few minutes, but for those few moments I felt as though I had been transported back to another, much younger reality.

Which brings me to another related topic, that of reality. I once wrote a long essay entitled Random Reality which attempted to explain the phenomenon of entering other peoples’ realities. For example: I bump into a stranger on the street and we start up a conversation of great interest to both of us. We exchange phone numbers and urge each other to call. Both of us were pleased by the coincidence and possibly developed a friendship that could change the course of our lives altering our personal realities. This could also happen in the negative way where I meet someone and they totally insult me or turn me off and negatively affect the rest of my day. I may harbor a bad memory for many years due to one unpleasant meeting with a total stranger. Either way it supports my theory of Random Reality. Each of us lives in his own reality, as though we all exist inside of our own bubbles or wombs. We all have private thoughts, private habits, private interests that few if anyone else knows about. These private interests make up our unique character and ambition or lack of character and ambition, until one individual randomly interrupts another and alters each other’s personal reality forever.

If we included all aspects of time with relation to what we like to do and like to spend our time doing , we immediately find that the same amount of measured time seems to become elongated or shortened by extreme rates, depending upon how that time is being spent. Five minutes of root canal work seems far, far longer than five minutes speaking to a friend or watching a great movie.

Could the last person I speak to before I die possibly change my eternal outlook? Could someone change my reality of death by simply interrupting my reality with theirs? There are many stories and legends of miraculous unexplained healings, raising Lazarus from the dead, people in long comas coming out of them and living a normal life. I once met an elderly man who told me he was given 3 days to live. His body was ravaged by cancer. He went to a spiritual healer who touched his forehead and he suddenly passed out for several minutes. He was hunched over, unconscious in his wheel chair then woke up. He said he suddenly felt much better, the ravaging pain was gone. He felt strong enough to stand up and for the first time in months he could walk and talk without pain. He told me that he felt so good that he couldn’t understand what happened to him, but he was certain he had been healed. He said he went to his doctor the next day and walked into the office, no one could believe it was him; everyone thought it was his twin brother until he proved his identity by calling his brother on the doctor’s phone. He asked that he be given x rays to see if he was healed and the doctor agreed to do them. To everyone’s amazement all traces of the cancer, which was throughout his body, had vanished. He was cured. His twin brother was standing next to him when he told me this story and verified every word. Both were in there late seventies and firm believers in miracles. My meeting them that day and hearing their story changed my life in several ways. It made me appreciate the powers of the mind to heal the body and it convinced me that there is a greater power over my destiny than myself.

That power can allow everyone to be healed from physical and spiritual wounds. That power has the power to influence all time and space. That power is available to everyone upon the asking. That power is Faith. Faith in one’s own self and faith in knowing there is a higher power that can heal all wounds, interrupt death and reality and suspend time eternally.



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