Apr 30 2006

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The American Priviledge




It is a rare and genuine privilege to be an American citizen. I am fortunate to have been born in this country and received all the benefits of living in this free society. Perhaps the greatest benefit has been the ability to dream of a better future of endless possibilities. Raised in a middleclass home in small town U.S.A, I was granted a free public education through to the twelfth grade. I was granted the chance to go to college. I was granted the privilege of choosing my career from a multitude of options. I was granted the relative safety of a tranquil community and appreciate a democratic local, state and national government. By chance and providence I was granted, as were millions of people that my birthplace was in the United States. For that gift and so many others beyond my control or early consideration, I am eternally grateful to God and my parents and will never feel shamed or guilty because of it.

I as well as many other aware Americans have been forced to look at our lives and lifestyles from a different perspective lately. Since the sudden emergence of 11 million illegal aliens, out from the shadows of our under nation, all who are demanding legal status and amnesty must make Americans pause, to deliberate our personal positions on the issue, rather it is indifference, or discomfort we realize that; we should no longer tolerate illegal immigration into our society, if we wish to preserve and protect our own earned rights as U.S citizens. Americans are being forced, by the bold immergence of the overwhelming multitude of illegal aliens into the light of scrutiny, to wonder if the person next to us on the street or living next door, is actually in our country legally and if he or she poses a health, security or economic risk to us , our families, our neighbors or to our country. We can no longer avoid these questions individually or collectively. These questions are paramount when we consider any ethnic or national group or individual who we suspect may be in the United States illegally.

When I see hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants demanding rights as citizens I feel affronted. As a citizen of the United States I and other citizens of this country retain the right to demonstrate, vote, run for public office, demand our constitutional rights, and hold sacred the vision of our constitutional government. These illegal immigrants have no such rights. They have illegally entered or stayed in this country simply because the present immigration laws and the ability to enforce these laws are inadequate.


I have nothing against any race, color or creed of anyone who comes into the United States legally, but as a citizen of the United States I am alarmed by the sudden demands of those who are in the United States illegally, to suddenly think they deserve to be considered legal and given complete amnesty. It is wrong. No other country in the world would tolerate it or does tolerate free and unchecked immigration into their countries with full amnesty. They understand the tremendous problems that have arisen from a growing minority of undocumented immigrants. Not only would it be catastrophic for the safety of its citizens but also for their economic well being. Why then should the United States be any different? Why should the United States have to suffer the harm and calamity caused by a free immigration policy? Why are Americans supposed to be the keepers of the world? Why should legal United States citizens be forced to contend with illiterate, diseased and poverty ridden peoples from other countries crossing our borders illegally? Illegal immigrants drastically burden our medical and emergency facilities, spread foreign diseases on our unsuspecting population and practice criminal or primitive customs and cultures that overwhelm our law enforcement, education and welfare systems and all levels of local , state and federal government. Massive illegal immigration destroys cities, towns and neighborhoods. It creates housing shortages for an already growing homeless population of legal Americans. Most egregious and dangerous are the greed rabid U.S employers; who exploit this illegal cheap labor market and ignore all wage and safety standards, achieved by historical arbitration and herculean struggles by workers, unions and government; that established current worker safety and fair employment laws.

Illegal immigration is a curse on any country. I am sorry that so many people around the world are unable to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that Americans have enjoyed for the last few hundred years. But our fore fathers fought a revolution, a civil war and two world wars for those freedoms we now take for granted. They fought and shed their blood so their children and grandchildren and generations to come would enjoy the cherished rights of citizenship; that so many wrong minded and unpatriotic Americans are so eager to give away, by allowing the amnesty of 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. Any public or political figure who is advocating amnesty or the assimilation of all illegal immigrants is either a complete idiot, ignorant of or indifferent to this country’s history and sacrifices, or they are traitors who are actively working for the destruction of the United States.

Forty seven million legal American citizens do not have healthcare coverage. Over one third of all naturalized American children live below the poverty line . Over one third of all American children live without adequate food, clothing and shelter. Every school in the country is now required to teach Spanish as early as the first grade. This is an abomination! This is an enormous undue burden placed upon naturalized American children and their parents, to accommodate the rapidly growing influx of illegal immigrants in their communities. This erodes American English and other legally assimilated cultures and values taught to our children. This creates a dualism of primary cultures and languages which only dilutes the effectiveness of early child hood training in the fundamental areas of public education. Accepting illegal immigrants into any society poses great national threats. The vast majority of illegal immigrants are poverty stricken, totally uneducated and many are desperately unhealthy. They place an enormous burden on health facilities already overburdened by uninsured legal Americans. Illegal immigrants jeopardize our schools, our homes and work places with foreign diseases and invade our cities and towns as criminals and outlaws desperate for mere survival, without any respect for the law. Illegal immigration plagues communities throughout the United States with millions of unwanted, undocumented people. These people, without even the most basic of living or language skills, expect to find immediate employment and the fulfillment of the American Dream. There are no jobs that legal American citizens won’t do. What possible job could an illegal immigrant do that an unemployed American citizen won’t do? I know of legal Americans in all unskilled jobs and skilled trades in all industries. Americans perform all types of unpleasant work. The only difference between an American worker and an illegal immigrant is that the American worker expects to get paid for his work and is protected by the laws of this country. The illegal will work for anybody whether he or she is paid or not, anybody who pays little or nothing but might provide a cot for them in a shared room with 20 other illegals immigrants. Americans shouldn’t have to put up with this treatment and most will not. All the blame goes back to the employer who is knowingly violating U.S law and knowingly exploiting an illegal immigrant. The exploitive employer is depriving a legal American worker a job and a day’s fair pay in a safe working environment. The kind of job no American will do is the kind of job no human being should have to do. Is this the kind of work illegal aliens are proud to say they are doing? Is this the kind of work American employers are offering? If it is then these jobs should exist for no one and the employers should be arrested, tried, convicted and severely sentenced for human trafficking and exploitation. 

Wake up America. If we actively continue to assist in the destruction of our own institutions, our own economic demise and the rapid deterioration of our own health and the health of our children then, we are beyond self saving. We are beyond all rational hope as a nation and a people. Christian charity and compassion should begin in our own homes amongst our own citizens. It is not up to the United States to take in every poor and destitute person in the world. It is impossible. It is up to all countries to better their own governments, and provide for their own people instead of encouraging them to risk their lives and the lives of their families, to come to the United States as illegal immigrants.

In the scheme of global population control and the separation of wealth amongst the nations, it is obvious that the plan is and has been to dump the burden of the costs and calamity upon the United States. This will lead to the destruction of the U.S economy at the gain of the rest of the nations of the world. No, this must no longer be allowed. This can no longer be tolerated. The United States citizens must demand and execute stiff immigration policies. They must look upon illegal aliens as all other countries do. The U.S can no longer afford or tolerate the apathy and misplaced sympathies of its legal citizens. It can no longer allow corporations and individual employers to import and exploit illegal aliens; who willfully break the laws of our country and place the physical and economic security of the United States at severe risk.

Turn away America, from the faces of our demise. Turn away America from the cries and voices of illegal immigrants who threaten to boycott our businesses and parade on our streets and live and eat from our taxes and contribute little and burden greatly. America has the hatred and jealously of the world’s nations amassed upon us already. We are considered the nation of gullible idiots who work longer and harder, have more and are willing to pay the bill for the rest of humanity, at the risk of our own health, wealth and national security. Turn away America. We are not the world’s idiots anymore. We must see the fate of the world’s population for what it is and make the cruel and uncomfortable decision to turn away from them for our own survival. Turn away America, for the rest of the world must endure its own survival. Those who have a good life and happiness must thank God daily for their blessings. Americans must help Americans. Once we do this then we can help the rest of the world, as we can afford to. 

 Americans can no longer police the world, nor can we be allowed to exploit it. We cannot feed the world either when one third of our own citizens are going hungry and so many are facing homelessness because of our failing economy and the outsourcing overseas of American jobs and wealth. Illegal immigration is labeled illegal for a reason and it is identified and understood by all nations and people in the same terms. Why then should the United States citizens be forced by the world’s unfortunate masses to accept a different definition of the word illegal? Why must the United States suffer all the ills of other countries and people by taking everyone in? Cleanse thyself. Someone very wise once said. Take care of yourself and your own family, neighbor and countrymen. Turn away and pray America. Turn away and say “But for the sake of God go I.” Help those whom now stand before you with opened palms and great need who are your fellow American citizens, how can we love them less, or concern ourselves less for them? Turn away America from the rest of the world’s suffering and see those near you who need your love and compassion and charity, your own children and those of your friends and relatives; those who are suffering and starving now in this country with a legal right to be here. Turn away America to repair yourself, and then you will heal and find the strength and courage needed to defend your personal survival and the survival of your country.


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