Sep 27 2008

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The Brainless Presidential Debate and the Pandemic of Moronism



Yeah, I watched it. I watched the most brainless debate of all times between two brainless presidential candidates. Moron McCain made it back from his most important meeting in Washington, without solving the bailout deal. It was reported that Obama spent Friday morning in a gym playing basketball. Remember folks these two men are considered by their own parties to be the most qualified and electable presidential candidates in the United States.

I think I am becoming numb . I am developing the commonly known paralysis of American Moronism . The disease is quite contagious and accelerates rapidly. It begins with symptoms of excessive anger at politicians and government in general, then it develops into full blown depression, until it’s last symptom before death occurs, which is the numbness of the entire body and stopping of all brain functions.. I am beginning to wonder how death by Moronism will be. I believe that sufferers of this disease who are in their later stages become enamored of John McCain. They have framed pictures of McCain in their bedrooms and pray to his image every night before they go to sleep. Others who suffer from this illness , have McCain bumper stickers, and McCain for Prez. hats and and jackets, and some even have John McCain and Sarah Palin love shirts ,that they and their spouse or lover wear while administering their daily dosage of Viagra. Yes, Moronism is a rapidly advancing pandemic. But those who are suffering from Obamaism suffer many of the same symptoms as Moronism . The only difference is they worship Obama’s image. There is Hope for those suffering from early stages of Obamaism. Obamaism is not as debilitating as Moronism , provided the sufferer of the disease plays basketball. on a regular basis, as his for her primary form of exercise.. .

I forgot to mention another late symptom of Moronism, is a frothing at the mouth, like a rabid dog and schizophrenia. As I watched a few main stream interviews of selected audience members, after the debate, I noticed many of the participants were showing early symptoms of Moronism. Some were stuttering while others were flustered and changing their minds about Obama and began to support McCain.

This debate had a debilitating effect on the American people who watched it. Today will be an interesting day to see how many people were admitted to hospitals last night, for treatment of Moronism. Many will be mis diagnosed as dementia, and Alzheimer’s patients, while others will be misdiagnosed as drug overdoses, and schizophrenic episodes. If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these above mentioned symptoms, I suggest that you turn off your television to any news reports or images of McCain or Obama for the next 48 to 72 hours, and get plenty of rest and take plenty of fluids. I have done this for the last 12 hours and am beginning to feel quite well. The numbness in my left lobe is gone and I have some response from my right lobe. The numbness in my body is reduced significantly, and I am able to walk again and drive a car. There is hope for all early sufferers of symptoms of Moronism and Obamaism. , I’m living proof of it.. .


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