Feb 17 2009

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Hemp, America’s Cure for Economic Recovery


Marijuana was criminalized in 1937 because of the introduction of plastics and the discovery that oil could be replaced by hemp as a renewable fuel. Hemp resin could be molded into an indestructible, yet biodegradable form of plastic.Also it had tremendous versatility to be used in building materials. THC the chemical substance derived by the female hemp plant was the primary painkiller and deinflammatory medicine used in medicines prior to 1937, then replaced by aspirin and opiates. The best homegrown remedy in the world was suddenly banned without any scientific or economic studies or logical reasons,and replaced by addictive and ineffectual pharmaceutical remedies.and the mass production of fossil fuels that have created most of devastating health and environmental problems Americans face today. . .

Few Americans realize that 90 percent of the colonial economy was derived from hemp production. The Massachusetts Bay Colony actually imposed a tax on any farmer who did not grow hemp.. In 1937 Popular Mechanics Magazine publicized the first Hemp Harvesting Machine on its front cover. It was a revolutionary machine equal to the Cotton Gin.The harvesting of Hemp prior to the invention of the Hemp Harvester was a tedious job requiring many farm laborers, similar to Sugar Cane harvesting. The production of hemp in the U.S would have created an industry that would have provided renewable fuel to heat homes and fuel automobiles as well as home building products and fabric for clothing.. Prior to the introduction of cotton into the American south Hemp was the preferred fiber for most clothing.. Hemp was also the premier material used in the manufacturing of sails for ships and rope for all needs. In 1943 the Pentagon began a little known campaign for all farmers to begin producing hemp for the war effort. Rope and other hemp products were greatly needed during the war and could only be imported due to the ban on Hemp production in the U.S. The ban on Hemp production in America was started by Hearst and Rockefeller and others who had large petroleum investments that were threatened by Hemp production. Political influence was used and evangelical preachers were paid by and promoted by Hearst’s media monopoly, to demonize Marijuana , and have it banned.along with all industrial Hemp. This began the underground sales of Marijuana and led to its wrongful association with harmful drugs sold by organized crime, which flourished under the alcohol Prohibition Act.. Once Prohibition was repealed narcotics became the mainstay of organized crime.

The legalization of marijuana or hemp would be the salvation of the U.S economy. The planting of millions of acres of hemp for biofuel and biodegradable plastics, stronger than concrete building materials and the remarkable proven health benefits of marijuana for pain sufferers and cancer patients as well as sufferers of joint pain and many autoimmune diseases is well documented in independent studies.

The legalization of hemp would singlehandedly destroy the illegal trafficking of marijuana and create a viable cash crop for struggling American farmers. It would also allow law enforcement to concentrate on the traffiking of the harmful drugs entering the U.S such as Methamphetamine , Heroin, crack and cocaine, along with other dangerous drugs. Marijuana has been and is being used by over 100 million Americans illegally. There is no way to stop its wide spread use. Marijuana is non addictive, and has many health benefits. Those who know this use it regularly. Millions of Americans actually grow their own. Many states have decriminalized the possession of Marijuana. .

The recent incident with Mark Phelps has exposed the great hypocrisy and injustice of the criminalization of Marijuana . An Olympian gold medal winner was photographed using pot. Immediately the biggest culprit of childhood addiction and obesity, Kellogg dropped Mark Phelps as a sponsor. Kellogg cereals are loaded with artificial ingredients,addictive high fructose corn syrup, and sugar, food coloring that has been attributed to ADHD. Their billion dollar ad campaigns are targeted at children to addict them to the Kellogg Brand and food products for the duration of their lives. . Subway must have realized that the vast majority of their market are Pot Smokers, who dine often on Subway food. Millions of Americans have seen their advertisements on television at all hours of the day and night promoting their 5 dollar sandwiches. The recent announcement of a nation wide boycott against Kellogg and Subway as a retaliation for dropping Mark Phelps as his sponsors may have made an impact. I for one will never buy anything made by Kellogg. There are many far better food alternatives..

It is time Americans realize what the criminalization of hemp is doing to this country and why it was banned in the first place. It wasn’t criminalized because of its sedative affects which were not at all harmful, it was due to corporate and government meddling to increase petroleum production and profits and to increase the incarceration levels to benefit the private criminal containment companies, that run most of the prisons in America..Marijuana was also criminalized to enhance the profit and production of pharmaceutical companies who would virtually go out of business if Americans could legally grow and use Marijuana for medical purposes.. Also the tax revenue derived by both state and federal governments from the taxation of Marijuana with the same taxes placed on cigarettes and liquor would swell the state and federal coffers, and provide immediate adequate funding for full health insurance for every American..

The benefits of Hemp production in America far out way any adverse effects. All legitimate, scientific, studies on the effects of Marijuana prove no adverse effects and only benefits to its users. President Obama has admitted to using Marijuana and knows full well the benefits of it.It wouldn’t surprise me if he was still using it. Marijuana is an excellent stress reliever, imagine what great weed Mr. Obama can get. Ever wonder what his daily basketball game might include with all his Chicago buddies? The most effective and sweeping Executive Order that President Obama could execute, would be the legalization of Hemp for mass production, and consumption.. It would revive the spirit of America, revitalize American industry and farming, and revolutionize the renewable fuel industry and the ailing auto industry.. Hemp was legal for 200 years under colonial government and under the U.S Constitution. It is time to get back to what made this country a great nation. The Legalization and mass production of Hemp for all purposes. .


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