Feb 28 2009

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The Republican Recourse



There really is little the Republican Party can do for the next year other than say NO. They might get Nancy Reagan to do a commercial for them and Just say No to anything and everything that is progressive, liberal, or intelligent. The 2012 Republican ticket will be the Nit Wit Governor of Louisiana and the Queen of Alaska. Maybe Anne Coulter will run with Rush Limbaugh. Rush would have a good chance of capturing the Republican base. He is the Republican base.

As I see it the Republicans have no other alternative other than to dissolve as a party and become Libertarians. Run Ron Paul in 2012 . He’s about the same age as McCain. The only way the Republicans can resurrect themselves is by changing their entire party. Putting a black faced Steele in front of the cameras ain’t going to change a thing. If it does anything it will further alienate the conservative base, which includes all white supremacists .

The Change has come, and the Republicans must be thrown out with the bath water. Either genuine and ethical conservatives take the reigns of their politics , throw out the fundamentalists, Neo Cons, pedophiles, lobbyists and bankers ; then maybe they have a legitimate party that can compete against Obama in 2012. If they do not Change, they will be completely destroyed by the ravaging diseases of greed ,self interest ,and irrelevance; that now consume them.


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