Dec 17 2013

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Channeled Text # 3

Enter into the divine light of creation. You see nothing to offend you. All who dwell on this dimension are spirits of light darkness does not exist here. All in this dimension exist in light.There is only joy, bliss and love. From here all wonders begin. All the wisdom and knowledge and meaning to creation becomes eternally impressed into the immortal spirit. All who dwell on this level are spirits of light and have conquered the power of darkness. All on this dimension are honored members of this community. They sustain their enlightened stature forever, and are honored for their blessed state of spirit. They never have to leave.

The arriving spirits infuse their aura into the pure white mist,until their thoughts create waves through the mist and communicate with other spirits dwelling here. The Eternal Community of Light Beings embrace the new spirit in joy and love. All who achieve ascension to the Fifth Dimension are one in spirit and eternal friendship. The Fifth Dimension is most beautiful, blissful and joyous. There is no end or limit to the joy and bliss of spirit enjoyed here. This is the gift of The Creator for eternal faith in him.

Follow the golden path before you and experience the bliss and joy and closeness to your Creator, as you hear him calling. His voice is a distant whisper of love and appreciation, that gradually grows into an audible volume, asking if you are happy, if you would like higher knowledge, wisdom, beauty and spiritual enlightenment. He invites everyone, to ascend further into his mysteries. At the outer region of the Fifth Dimension, there is large iron gate, covered in the illusion of dense green foliage. This is the entryway to the 6th Dimension. A guide from the 6th Dimension appears behind the closed gate and instructs the spirit to enter:

To be continued.

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