Oct 17 2013

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The Showdown is Shut Down

The showdown is finally shut down. I am surprised that Republicans still don’t get it. This is the second time in the past year they tried to stop the debt ceiling from being raised and their bluff failed. This is the second time in 17 years the government has been shutdown. The brinksmanship of this Congress and President have needlessly cost the American people greatly. Unless a third party candidate is well funded and is not censored by the media the American people have no other choice than to vote for the these miserable candidates of the old two party system. They can also not vote at all and march on Washington by the tens of millions to take over the government and throw out the entire Congress, President and Supreme Court, and start a new government. But that would cause a shutdown of the present government, unless a well planned and worthy transition government was ready to take over.

The smugness of our traitorous representatives must be turned into fear of the millions of people they are elected to represent. The smugness of Obama and his cronies in the House and Senate must be replaced by fear of the people they are ignoring. Big Money donations and the Main stream media must be strongly regulated in all elections and candidates must be restricted to equal media time, and a spending ceiling on all national,state and local political campaigns must be strictly enforced.

With these basic restrictions imposed on politicians by law, many of the political ills we have seen this year and in the past would be averted and American politics and government would be stronger for the benefit of the American people, not for the benefit of those few who so poorly govern them. For all who have suffered these last 16 days of the government shutdown, I hope they will recover their lost wages and regain their normal lives. I feel concern for those who have permanently lost or temporarily lost their necessary government assistance for the basics of living. Perhaps now others who in many different ways depend financially on government can understand the plight of the homeless and poor in this country, and never allow a shutdown of the government to happen again.

Let this 16 day shutdown of the federal government, serve as a reminder for Americans to never allow a small, insane and cruel minority of elected officials to terrorize the vast majority of Americans by a stupid and irresponsible bluff. This is how tyrannies are created. This is how the collapse of countries and empires happen. This is how dictators rise to power.


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