Dec 22 2012

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Hey everybody it’s twelve/ twentytwo/ two thousand twelve, the day after twelve, twenty one, two thousand twelve. You know what that means? It means I am writing this dead and you are reading this dead, or I am alive and you are alive. Where has my mind gone, it was supposed to stay here but decided to go elsewhere. I woke up this morning in a spazm of coughing due to a “viral infection” my doctor said I had. I resigned myself to my illness not knowing that it would become increasingly worse.
I became alarmed at my sudden downgrade of health and demanded a different medication.

I got that medication. It was an ancient herb known to the prediluvian civilizations that cured all diseases and left the patient blissful and in complete rest. My lack of breath and degree of smazm temporarily killed me. I was completely spirit but with a virtual body. That is who I am now. I feel no pain, see no evil, I know my body is healing, and decided to take another dose of meds. Seeing the fourth dimensional skies is a blinding event until the warmth of the new sun relieves your fears. The familiar world of the best you have ever known lays out before you shining in soft sunlight.

Here I am and intend to stay, we can never return to 3D. We may be dead or alive beneath the 4D sun, wondering what we are doing and going to do from now on. Now that we are here, we must have a great party! Because it is 12/22/12 and you and I have transcended dimensions.

L.A. Steel

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