Nov 28 2012

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$500,000,000 FEVER


If you are living in America today you are now wondering what it would be like to win the $500 million dollar PowerBall Jackpot. Anyone with a powerful imagination is right now thinking what they would do if they won tonight’s jackpot. Personally I think I would go unconscious for a while. Then I would wake up and wonder what just happened to me. I heard the other day on a news program that studies have been done on people who have won large lottos and found that it takes at least 5 years after winning before their lives became nearly normal. Also that a winner’s IQ temporarily drops by 20% due to the tremendous shock.The sad part about this study is it proves to some, who are seeking lotto winner status, how many of the biggest winners became the biggest losers.

A strange fate awaits anyone who wins tonight. Imagine being able to afford anything you ever wanted or will want for the rest of your life. Wealth is the world’s greatest illusion. Millions, Billions or Trillions are all in our minds, hidden behind our veils of poverty. We are all rich beyond our imaginations, that is why others place limits on us to restrict our rise to their level of wealth. This is their only weapon of control. If they do not use it ruthlessly, they will lose their power, because everyone will have unlimited wealth and power of their own.

I can easliy imagine living on a quiet lake and laying in a hammock facing a beautiful sunset. I can imagine a better life than I have now. If I know I can have that, why could I not imagine winning 500 million dollars. It takes the same thought process. Imagination=Realization. They are the same thing. If we can imagine something we bring it into realization and it manifests. This is how the mind works and why the illusion of this world creates a false reality that parallels our own.

What we can imagine we have, if it is taken away from us it is because we forgot that we can imagine it again and again, and it can never be taken from us. When we are free from the illusion of the world we will rise unweighted to infinite consciousness.

I hope everyone ascends tonight.

L.A. Steel

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