Oct 14 2012

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As the World and Universe enter The New Era of Man, I have become pensive in my faith, that the end time is approaching. My great friend George Dickson up until his death in June of this year, believed that we were already in a new era and were merging into the Fourth Dimension. On so many occasions I experienced his belief and optimism, yet now that he has ascended I feel quite alone in my faith of the complete ascension of Humanity. Perhaps I feel this way because so little around the world has changed positively and seems to be plunging head long into chaos. As a revolutionary optimist I am inspired by the voices of discord I hear and read daily in my research of current events. However as I become more engaged with the revolutionary fever seeming to take over the planet, I become more aware of the opposition forces that have engulfed the world with military and political oppression,expanding police brutality and government indifference to it. Heinous crimes are being committed by supposedly peace keeping forces committed to protect and serve the people of their towns,states and countries. The development of a Police State is a very real threat to everyone in every country, but this is what has been predicted for the end times.

As the world population awakens to its heightened sense of the New Era, and merge into the Fourth Dimension, it must throw off the shackles of Third Dimensional imprisonment. Those who have imprisoned Humanity in the Third Dimension are struggling to keep us here to serve them. Unless we completely understand our imprisonment and slavery to our oppressors, we will continue to remain their slaves. Those who see and understand the New Era of Man, are rising in expectation for the merge into the new dimension. We feel ourselves changing. We see the world changing and our families and friends changing. Either they are changing towards an open and carefree transformation and acceptance of the change or they are closing into themselves and embracing their fear of the changing times. We are now witnessing this in our political debates. The fear of letting go of all that is trying to destroy us is diametrically opposite of all that has and will save us.

As Humanity enters a New Era and the new age of Aquarius, we must embrace this inevitable change that is occurring. We can not deny that it is happening nor can we deny that we are changing, we can only obstinately refuse to change and adapt as dinosaurs and Neanderthals refused to adapt to change. We must adapt completely and willingly, accepting the changes within us and the awakening of our minds and spirits to the new reality. That reality is what we are in now. It is what we will be in our future. Those who accept the great change that is occurring will thrive in the New Era. Those who refuse to accept the change and revert back to our unevolved selves will not survive well the coming change. The yet unfullfilled final Hopi Prophecy predicts the coming of the Blue Planet that will be seen clearly and brightly in our skies. The prophecy states that those who are to ascend will be drawn to the Blue Planet and rise to it, whereby those who fear it or wish only to remain on Earth will, and suffer the results of the cataclysm that will effect all of the inhabitants of the Earth, which is the Red Planet. This prophecy as hard as it is to believe now, may well reveal itself next year in 2013, when a large unnamed comet is schedualed to appear in our solar system. Revelation predicts millions of demons falling to earth. It describes the shapes and sizes of the demonic spirits, which resemble the mist and water that surrounds a comet. That mist is frozen ice that will become partially vaporized as it enters Earth’s atmosphere. Also it is possible for parts of the comet to fall to earth as it nears our gravitational field. Great pieces of comets have fallen to earth in our history. The great flood and destruction of Atlantis and the creation of part of the Atlantic ocean has been attributed to a large meteor or piece of a comet coliding onto the Earth. This also has been an explanation of the sudden extinction of the dinosaur. Some sources including the Bible have stated that 95% of the inhabitants on earth perished during this time.

If those who are awakened to the change and changes to come are aware of these ancient calamities in Earth’s history, why can they not now imagine it happening again? All scientific agencies devoted to studying seizmic activity around the world are predicting more violent erruptions. Numerous earthquakes have been reported and odd multiple quakes have been experienced by countries and continents within the last two years more than any other time in recorded history. There is already scientific warnings announced about a possible electromagnetic solar cloud that will reach the Earth sometimes in 2013, which could potentially wipe out the entire electric grid world wide. It is even possible that the solar storm if strong enough could destroy Earth’s atmosphere and destroy all life on Earth. These are not idle warnings. These are warnings from the foremost scientific communities.

I believe we are in the end times. I also believe that we all have a choice to escape a tragic event by embracing the change we already feel is here. We must understand ourselves and the reason for our being alive at this time. It is a time of great cosmic change as Humanity ascends into another dimension. I do not fear this transition. I understand Fourth Dimensional existence. It is one of clarity and spiritual mastery, where our bodies no longer imprison us in our five senses. Fourth Dimensional existence is where we manifest our every desire, but where only those who desire peace, love and the completeness of their own existence will embrace it and thrive. All who deny their spiritual ascension or the ascension of others in this way shall be doomed to experience the manifestation of their worst fears. They can not escape the changes that occurr for they will be involuntarily thrust into the Fourth Dimension. Their own reluctance and fear and pettiness of mind and spirit will manifest into all that their thoughts and actions represent. Many who are reading this understand me and are ready for the New Era of Man. Those who do not understand me I urge you to awaken soon for little time is left before the change is complete, or you will be forced to accept it in fear. Let us all prepare to join Humanity’s Greatest Celebration on December 22, 2012, when we celebrate our passing from the old Era of Man and enter the new.

L.A. Steel

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