Jan 02 2007

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Gerald R. Ford was actually born as Leslie Lynch King Jr. His mother changed his name at two years old when she divorced his psychotic father; who tried to kill his mother and the presidential child with a carving knife in a drunken rage. Gerald aka Leslie and his mother moved back to Grand Rapids Michigan; and she married a paint salesman named Gerald Ford. Leslie Lynch King Jr. was adopted by the step father and renamed Gerald R. Ford Jr.

“Gerry” Ford Jr. had a gift it seems for remembering names. This served him well in politics and oddly enough after receiving his law degree from Yale; while he worked at Yale as an assistant football coach, in 1941, he returned to Michigan and ran for Congress and won in 1948. He became the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives and also served on the infamous Warren Commission. (Are we beginning to see the trail of bread crumbs leading to a Presidential pardon?)

As he smoozed and cruised his way through the Congress he was bestowed the reputation as an “honest” man with a reputation of fairness. This coming from one of the most corrupt congresses since that of 2004 and 2006. The difference then was that Republicans were the minority and the corruption which characterized the Nixon Era was in a Democratically controlled Senate and Congress.

Gerald Ford was keenly interested in budgetary matters in the Congress. When he became president he was the only president up until then and after his presidency, who presented his budget to Congress. His domestic policies were a bain to Democrats; as he vetoed more than 50 Democrat sponsored bills during his two years in office, on the premise that they were fiscally irresponsible.

I am old enough to remember the WIN program Whip Inflation Now. This “Just Say No”, moronically flawed, economic policy, was instituted after Genius Gerry created a Republican orgasm by screwing the American public. By deregulating the energy and transportation industry and beginning a massive conventional military buildup, which exploded under Ronald Reagan, created the greatest immediate rise in energy costs in history and the Greatest U.S deficits ever conceived up until that time. Gas lines formed on odd and even days as fuel and transportation costs skyrocketed. By the end of 1976 the Ford Administration had brought the U.S into a full blown recession, disguised during his final year in office by the patriotic fervor of the Bi Centennial Celebration. The recession of the late 1970s and early 1980s were directly caused by Ford’s flawed policies, and later fueled by the calculated incompetence of the Jimmy Carter Administration. The Labor busting, “Tinkle On , Trickle Down” economics of Ronald Reagan and the final blow of the “READ MY LIPS” tax increase of G.H.W Bush caused The USS United States to nearly capsize by Republican Presidential Policies. These policies were inspired by Gerald “the genius “Ford; whose policy makers are the same self serving idiots serving themselves again in G.W Bush’s disastrous administration.

Make no mistake about the globalist ambitions of Gerald Ford and his megalomaniacal staffers, Dick Cheney, Chief of Staff, Donald Rumsfeld Sec. of Defense, Henry Kissinger Sec. of State, Nelson Rockefeller Vice President and George H.W. Bush as Director of CIA. Is there any wonder that the 1975 G7 summit was heralded by the Ford Administration. The Globalist advancements of the IMF and World Bank and other WTO precursors, were later to spawn NAFTA and other global trade disasters. The Helsinki agreements coddled the Russians and encouraged the spirit of Detente. Any Human Rights advancements made in the Helsinki Accords were destroyed forever by the current Bush Administration; whose main members are the same who agreed to the Helsinki Accords under Gerald Ford.

The notorious pardon of Richard Nixon will go down in history as the biggest lie ever told by a sitting president. It is well known that Gen. A. Haig, Nixon’s Chief of Staff at the time, who along with Kissinger encouraged and pressured Nixon to resign. Haig approached Gerald Ford prior to his appointment to Vice President to offer him the position of Vice President in exchange for a full pardon of Richard Nixon once Nixon resigned and Ford would become President. According to all “witnesses” and to Gerald Ford’s congressional testimony , he did not agree to Haig’s deal. However, after one month in office as the President the pardon was granted to Nixon by Ford, with his excuse that he felt , ” it would be best for the country.”

Few who had become used to the sociopathic illness of lying U.S Presidents believed Ford then. Why would anyone doubt Ford’s Machiavellian foray of falsehoods? After all he was touted by his congressional peers as an “Honest Man”. Everyone in Congress forgot (or remembered) that Ford was a member of the whitewashing Warren Commission. In 1974 Congressional ethics were seriously in question and being zealously considered by the “investigative press”. A pardon for Nixon was the perfect way to close the door to the Nixon crimes and nail it shut just as the Warren Report killed the investigation into JFK’s murder. Gerry Ford was the perfect man to do it. He was appointed to the office and he had made no promises, and said in his inauguration speech that “He owed nothing to anyone except his wife Betty”. Anyone who believed that line was either a complete imbecile or completely complicit.

This is the very sad saga of Leslie Lynch King Jr. AKA Gerald R. Ford Jr. A former appointed, interim President of the United States. His being memorialized and immortalized as the “nice guy” President, expediently lends his reputation for” honesty”, enhanced by the auspices of the corporate media to soften public opinion towards a large number of upcoming, potential, Presidential pardons , of the international and domestic crimes of Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld , Alberto Gonzalez, Gen. Abizaid, etc. and all the other criminals associated with the Ford and Bush Administrations, as well as the indicted or soon to be indicted, members of Congress.

So farewell Gerry where ever you are. May God have mercy on your soul. I am certain that revisionist, U.S historians will create a remarkable and noble memory of you and your presidency for generations to come.


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