Dec 31 2006

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The funeral procession of Gerald Ford seemed to have brought out everyone. After being forced to watch the D.C procession shown live on every television station I was reminded of a typical Memorial Day parade. The kind of parade where every politician and businessman, who own and run the town or city get to ride in limousines and antique autos, basking in the stolen glory of fallen heroes, while waving at the cheering crowds.

I envisioned Bush 1 and 2, Cheney and Rumsfeld riding in the back of an antique Model T. Ford, waving to the crowd of on lookers. This is Dick Cheney’s big moment to come out of hiding, and be remembered as Gerald Ford’s Chief of Staff. It is Donald Rumsfeld’s chance to raise his head from disgrace, and be remembered as Gerald Ford’s Secretary of Defense;instead of the blundering idiot who “Stayed the Course” in Iraq. It is an opportunity for Bush 1 and 2 to have the world forget their blundering administrations, Gulf Wars, and decaying , decade old, dynasty for a few days.

Today Gerald Ford lies in state at the Capital Rotunda. The crowd of curious,ghoulish, John and Jane Does line up to surround the coffin to view his dead body. It is difficult to think of Gerald Ford as a president. He was appointed to his office by the most hated president in U.S history. He was virtually unknown before his appointment to Vice President. Everyone forgets that he appointed Nelson Rockefeller as Vice President and shortly after had two assassination attempts on his life. Most Americans forget that Henry Kissinger (The Cambodian Butcher)was Ford’s Secretary of State and a long time Nelson Rockefeller employee, prior to his appointment by Nixon; as National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State. Americans also forget that Gerald Ford, after leaving his caretaker presidency became a member of the board of directors of several major corporations. His reported earnings from these boards in 1978, one year after leaving office, as quoted by several news sources and the IRS, were a combined annual income in excess of one million dollars. Not a bad return for two years as a do nothing president.

The memory of Gerald Ford will always be enshrined by his pardon of Richard Nixon. It will also be emboldened my the famous Chevy Chase SNL impersonation of him; as a bumbling, clumsy and brainless idiot. His presidency was propped up by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld , Henry Kissinger, Nelson Rockefeller and an entourage of other Nixonites; who escaped indictment and were held over from the Nixon cabinet and advisory committees.

We are forced by the globalist, conspiratorial, complicit, media; to watch the parade of pathetic politicians and hangers on. The American people are considered by their leaders as a nation of robots, are being programmed to raise our opinions of these lowly men, who have so poorly served our country and constitution. We are expected to wave back to the old men propped up in the back seat of an antique car, as we would in a Memorial Day parade, as they bask in their stolen glory. That glory they stole from the millions of true fallen heroes, who these waving old men sent to their deaths.

We can not end this tribute to the fallen Ford without a mention of the memorable work of former First Lady Betty Ford. She will forever be remembered as the first First Lady to admit she was an alcoholic and drug addict. She singlehandedly made alcoholism and drug addiction respectable in the United States. She created a well endowed foundation that humbly bears her name. The Betty Ford Clinic has become the temporary residence for many of the best known members of America’s elite society. Hollywood stars and starletts, and the wives of fortune 500 executives and leading Washington politicians, have all praised the clinic for it’s recuperative therapy. This clinic has inspired the prolific growth of an entire industry, for all who can afford its price. Others less priviledged among our society, are placed in less glamorous settings such as prisons and county hospitals. A month in rehab now cures all the ills brought on by the Nixon -Ford drug War, and it’s massively unsuccessful policies.

While we are obliged by our national media, to view this memorial service of Gerald Ford. We must remember his part as the appointed caretaker of Nixon Kissinger globalist polices; which led to the current rule of corporate fascism. Americans in their New Year revelry must not forget; that Gerald Ford was one of those men, who brought us the rise of Reagan, Bush and our present Neocon plutocracy. Americans must also be reminded; that those who ran the Ford administration are the same men who are running the Bush 2 presidency. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have propped up another cardboard president named G.W Bush. All three are riding in this memorial parade, on the back of their Model G. Ford waving to onlookers as they pass by.


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