Jun 14 2005

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Mitch Fuchs vs. Joe Lieberman / Mitch Fuchs on the L.A. Steel Show

The L.A. STEEL SHOW on WQQQ 103.3fm 8-10pm Tuesday night ,(tonight) 6/14/05 will have as my guest Mr. Mitch Fuchs. Mitch is the Democratic Town Chairman of Fairfield, Ct. Mitch has agreed to make his announcement tonight on the program , that he will be challenging Joe Lieberman for Connecticut’s Senate seat in 2006. Tune in tonight’s radio show on wqqq103.3 fm. This program will be heard in Ny,Mass. and Ct. 8-10pm. interview at 9:15pm. Don’t Miss It! (You know Lieberman won’t.)

Mitch Fuchs on the L.A. STEEL SHOW
Remarkably, I feel as though I have spoken to a man I consider a Democratic idealist and a true patriotic American. I was pleased to hear such honesty and idealism seemingly unjaded, by the real demise of integrity and rise of political invertebrates amongst the Democratic Party. After my conversations with Mitch Fuchs I can honestly say that he is a man who is sick of politicians like Joe Lieberman, who have disowned themselves through their indifference to Democratic Ideals and values, only to embrace public opinion polls. Joe Lieberman is interested in Joe Lieberman and the promotion of his politcal legacy of compromise, conservatism, Zionism and kiss-ass-ism. Mitch said none of this on the program and is far too politically correct to ever stoop to name calling, but I am not. My contempt for Joe Lieberman has been well known for the last five years. I am thrilled to know that so many other Connecticut Citizens are sick of “jumping Joe” as well. Mitch did state that, Lieberman in a meeting with Connecticut’s 4th district democratic town chairmen said that “He didn’t care what they thought of him and didn’t need them because he had a 70percent approval rating.” I can guarantee that poll wasn’t taken in Connecticut, “Jumping Joe” dropped out of the 2004 primary race before the Connecticut Primary he knew he would lose the state by too great a margin. That would have shattered his narcissistic illusions of any great love of him by the people of Connecticut.

Mitch Fuchs has been involved in Democratic politics for the last 12 years in Connecticut. He owns a commercial real estate and property management firm in New York.. I had a great conversation with Mitch before and during the program and I was impressed at his sincerity and commitment to the reestablishment of the Democratic Party. To its greatest periods in history, when it stood for Civil Rights, Worker rights, Human rights, Social Security, national health insurance, human compassion, dignity and liberal secular humanitarianism; when the U.S. was solid economically on its own and not mortgaged to foreign countries. Mitch Fuchs wants to be a great Ct. Senator who likes his political heroes, many Democratic Presidents, who had great visions to lead this country towards a glorious future, instead of the malevolent visions that are now leading this country to destruction.

Needless to say I was impressed by Mitch Fuchs and will stand behind him and others like him, who are completely committed to kicking Joe Lieberman and politicians like him out of State and Federal government forever.


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