Jun 21 2005

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Racism in Connecticut


On the L.A. STEEL TALK RADIO SHOW my guest this evening will be James Griffin former Ct. President of the NAACP and current president of the Waterbury,CT. Chapter. Jim has recently written an article supporting the tribal recognition of the Schaghticoke Indian Nation which is being hotly contested by leading Ct. governmental officials.

Mr. Griffin has called for a statewide minority summit to be held on June 22, 2005 in Waterbury,CT. to ask for the support of all minority community and governmental leaders to support the Schaghticoke tribal recognition and denounce the racist attitudes of the Connecticut officials who are wrongfully opposing the tribe’s recognition, of their 300 year old status originally granted by the state of Connecticut, which granted rightful claim to 2100 acres of reservation lands in Kent, Connecticut .

Also joining us on the program this evening is free lance journalist Gale Toensing. Gale has done extensive research on the tribal recognition issue and her work can be read on line at indiancountry.org an online national magazine. Gale will also talk this evening about the upcoming program at the Grove in Salisbury,Ct..on 6/26/05 and at the Housatonic High school auditorium in Falls Village,CT. on 6/25/05. The Palestinian Children’s Theater group “Children of the Camps” Palestinian refugee children who have grown up in the Palestinian refugee camps and have known no other home.

Please join us if you can this evening Tuesday night 6/21/05 for the L.A. STEEL TALK RADIO SHOW. 8:00 to 10:00 pm exclusively on Wqqq 103.3fm serving NW. Ct. So. Mass. and Upstate NY. It is our hope that we will be able to stream a daily radio program five days per week on this site within the next few weeks. I will also have radio and video archives as well as select radio and television programs available for purchase. Please watch for my official announcement in the very near future.


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