Jun 14 2005

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In the Realm of Friends


A friend once said to me “there are two kinds of friends, those who are like trees in your front yard and those who are like flowers that bring you pleasure while they last.” I don’t know if he got it from someone else or just made it up, but I’ve always credited him for it.

Unfortunately I don’t see much of him anymore. When I think of my friends old and new I try not to think of any of them as having died or in a sad way. They wouldn’t want me to.

I’m not sure what I’m getting at except to say I never held a grudge for too long.

I am not sure why I had to say this but, before I finish I want to thank my friends for their friendship in the past , present and future.


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  1. Albina

    thank you for providing us so many information, i always learn something here.

  2. Arnalda

    the effort you made to write this article is the proof of how you like to help us, thanks for all.

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