Dec 20 2006

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My sense of nationalism and patriotism cloud my objectivity when I consider the condition of the present American society. In my research preparing for this interview with Mr. McManus I discovered the principles of the John Birch Society, were founded upon the idealist values of pre WWII America as envisioned by its founder Robert Welsh.

The 1950s and 60s were a time of unprecedented technology and global awareness that began a new American revolution. A revolution against the old ideals and innocent nationalism of the returning soldiers. In the advent of socialization of the American government under the New Deal, the cry of conservatives and constitutionalists established the need for the John Birch Society. By the end of World War II the acceptance of Social Security and government work programs and services were well established in the minds and hearts of the American people . The first mammoth government program for veterans the GI Bill was responsible for educating millions of returning veterans, and fostered the remarkable economic growth of America’s middle classes in the mid twentieth century . This was one of the most far reaching and successful (socialist)visions ever implemented in the United States.

Under the Marshal Plan the United States became a nation builder , against all cautions stated by its Constitution and original founders. The rise of global awareness in the 1940s and 1950s created popular movements in the United States that radicalized the working and middle classes against war and against oppression. Some of these movements were created by a communist conspiracy designed to undermine the American Government; while others like the John Birch Society saw its mission as a defender of the American Constitution ,and the preservation of American ideals, as they were traditionally understood.

As I can best understand from my research and my interview with Mr. McManus is; what happened to the John Birch Society was an accumulated attack by the extreme Liberal elements in our society. This included the media and a vast betrayal of the John Birch Society by conservative allies such as William Buckley Jr., that once supported them, and who’s National Review magazine was greatly advanced by the John Birch Society. (Buckley was then and probably still is a CIA operative) All of this was coupled with the U.S corporate goals of global expansion of their markets, and a break from U.S isolationism. By 1959 and the first printing of the famous Blue Book, globalism and all of it’s evils had taken root in the U.S.. A radical reversal of post war U.S foreign and domestic policies, would have created world wide chaos for the globalists, and setback their plans for global domination by half a century.

The plan made then that seems apparent now; was to destroy all who upheld the original concepts of American Government; those of self determination and limited government involvement in the daily lives of the American people. U.S global ambitions needed to be unbridled by nationalistic principles , foreign aid needed to be expanded to develop U.S global influence. The threat of communist expansionism, rather it was real or manufactured became the excuse for the U.S corporations and globalist members of the government, to protect and expand their global interests. The battle for the American conscience, and respect for it’s own Constitution and original ideals of a republic, posed a major threat to globalist ambitions. The John Birch Society lost that battle however, they did not lose the war.

Today more than ever before in American history, the powers of Globalism and the U.S government’s ambitions for empire and global domination have allied completely. The global elite have made puppets of our Presidents and a mockery of our representative government. Never has this nation been so infiltrated by its enemies, so controlled by its media and corporations. The world is entering into a period of global oppression and tyranny; that would horrify the Founders of the American Constitution. If these ambitions of the Global elite finally come into full effect; there will be no way of stopping it. The John Birch Society is trying to alert every American to be aware of this immediate crisis to prevent it from happening.

The threat of global fascism is evident though out our society. Corporations dictate government domestic and foreign policies. Men and women CEOs of the major industrial and financial institutions have served and are currently serving in high government positions. Corporate donations to the two major political parties are the mainstay of our congressional and presidential

election process. Fraud, corruption and cronyism is at the highest levels ever witnessed in our history. The blatant corruption in defense and social welfare programs, financial institution bailouts, and the continuous devaluation of the American currency by the conspiratorial globalist banking system and Federal Reserve, amounts to multiple trillions of dollars. These global monetary institutions have enslaved every American and the entire American economy; through their predatorily lending practices and oppressive usury. States are being forced to sell their own infrastructures such as highways and bridges to private and foreign investors, just to maintain their own state budgets from plunging into massive deficits.

I see the John Birch Society and it’s membership as the last defenders of the ancient ideal of a sovereign nation. It’s founder was a great admirer of Ralph Waldo Emerson. I am also a great admirer of Mr. Emerson. After my interview with John McManus I was compelled to consider what this chance acquaintance with him meant to me and to my predominantly liberal audience; when one of Emerson’s pearls of wisdom came to mind. I will take the liberty of quoting it: ” O, believe ,as thou livest, that every sound that is spoken over the round world, which thou oughtest to hear, will vibrate on thine ear! Every proverb, every book, every byword that belongs to thee for aid or comfort, shall surely come home through open or winding passages….” (The Over Soul).

Several minutes prior to my interview with John McManus, I read the first few paragraphs of the original Blue Book; as an introduction to my audience. I would like to quote the third paragraph of this historic book: ‚ÄúNaturally we have faced extensive and malicious attacks from both the open and the disguised Left. Nothing more is required today to bring down on any man’s head a torrent of smears from the Liberal Establishment than:(a)to deny the beauties of the welfare state; or (b) , to seek to preserve the opportunities and responsibilities of the individual; or (c) to suspect the venality of any of the Establishment’s painstakingly manufactured but clay-footed gods, with their synthetic haloes. And we have done all three.” It amazed me how little has changed in the last 50 years; since Robert Welsh wrote these words.

The Blue Book opens with an inspirational passage from an unreferenced poet. Whether it was Emerson or Mr. Welsh himself, I do not know. ” But on one man’s soul it hath broken, A light that doth not depart; And his look, or a word he hath spoken wrought flame in another man’s heart.” That flame still burns in the hearts of all John Birch Society members, and it is a small but growing flame, vented by the hurricane force wind of Globalism, and it’s deadly threat to American sovereignty. I wonder if our government and the American people, have already forgotten and moved too far away from the original ideals of the founding fathers? I wonder if our history has been too revised, too purged of the truth, for any honest scholar or researcher to understand the realities of the thoughts and circumstances, that influenced the Fathers of the American Revolution? I wonder if it was a revolution, or is revolution the needed spark to ignite mankind’s political and technological evolution? Can what has been done in the name of global human advancement be reversed, clarified or objectively criticized by modern scholars? Many highly regarded American historians and scholars are responsible for the false revisionism and globalist propaganda now taught as historical fact in our secondary schools and colleges.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with John McManus. A chapter will be added about this interview, to my book now in progress. Perhaps it will be one of the pivotal chapters in the book; just as the introduction to the John Birch Society has been a pivotal chapter in the lives of its growing membership.

L.A. Steel

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