Jun 02 2007

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I have been researching the Mayan Calendar recently and have had many discussions relating to it with researcher of esoteric knowledge, George Dickson, on our Friday night internet shows. One of the most facinating ideas I have been trying to understand is what will happen to mankind in 2012. Actually October 28, 2011 is the last day of Time and physical space according to the Mayan Calendar.

In 2011 on October 28, (not sure what day of the week it will be) mankind will have reached a level of co consiousness with his creator. On that day and perhaps a short while before, everybody on earth will no longer be. The past, present and future will be one not separate. Mankind will be able to manifest anything they desire simply by visualizing it. The odd thing is that we will not want anything. We will be complete creations with ascended consciousness. We will no longer exist in the physical world.

In 2012 the earth and mankind will enter into Zero Point Merge. All gravity will be suspended and molecular connectivity will disintegrate. The physical reality we now exist in will be no more. Changes will occur so rapidly in the next four years many people around the planet will be unable to keep up with them, madness will be a global epidemic, complete natural and man made chaos will be throughout the world. Only those who acknowledge the dramatic changes as the final stages of the earth’s and mankind’s physical existence, will survive the calamity about to befall us.

This sounds too amazing to believe however, it was stated in writing by the early Mayans and has proven accurate in it’s predictions to the present day. If what the Mayan’s predicted for the final day is true , told to them by alien visitors and given to them as the Calendar of Creation or the Mayan Calendar as we know it today; then everyone in the world must ready themselves for these times. They will be difficult , however only those who trust their Intuition and not their minds and physical senses will survive and ascend to the highest levels of human evolutionary consciousness. That level will be co consciousness and understanding of mankind’s creator and all of his creation.

Biblical statements of end times predict the falling of the stars and the end of the Universe. At this time nothing as we know it to be will exist. This illusion of physical life will no longer hold us in its three dementional prison. Our selves will become reconnected to the Universal oneness of being. Returning to the perfect consiousness we once had prior to our entering the physical demention.

I am trying to imagine being without a body, without any physical memory. Nothing we do now or have ever done , according to the Mayan Calendar, will be of any consequence to where we are headed. There will be nothing physical remaining in the entire Universe. No space, no time, no pain , no hunger, no death , only light and life. Perfect and complete life in a womb of endless comfort and security, and eternal happiness and fullfillment and end to all physical reality. We can no longer expect our governments or collective wisdom to prevent the end of the world as we know it.

For further information on this amazing topic please visit our internet talk show archives by clicking on Listen Live at the top of this page. Listen to the archived programs of This Friday and last Friday featuring George Dickson. I hope you will be interested in the conversation. Also I highly recommend the video lectures , now on You Tube, of Ian Xel Lungold’s lectures on the Mayan Calendar.


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